The whole entertainment circle is jealous of my system [entry]

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Unexpectedly, the weight difference between men and women was too big. Lu Miaomiao suddenly reached out to push Dou Fan's back, but instead suddenly made his center of gravity unstable.

The third woman in this drama, the third woman in the main male drama, are all the third women in the Emperor's drama group, which is probably similar to the role of the fifth aunt in that year. Lu Miaomiao held her forehead: my God. Lu Miaomiao continued to ask with a full heart: "Then how did I fail to pursue and commit atrocities?" Hearing this, Shen Yingying said, "This is what I want to say to you!"! You say, how can you do this to Dou Fan? Although Dou Fan is a little greasy, how can you do this to him, now the whole crew knows, you say you are not ashamed! Lu Miaomiao couldn't stand it any more: "Miss Shen, Miss Shen!"! Tell me, what did I do to Dou Fan? Shen Yingying "hum": "Dou Fan said you have some special hobbies! Say you can't chase him, just to him. With that, he put his index fingers together and made a gesture of killing the year before last. As soon as Lu Miaomiao looked, his head buzzed. Shen Yingying is still chattering: "Now the whole crew knows that you can't chase Dou Fan, so you hate him because of love and want to destroy him!"! He also said that if you can't get it, no one else can get it! Say that finish, index fingers together, and made a thousand years to kill the gesture. When Lu Miaomiao heard this, she was stunned in the same place, only to feel that the monstrous embarrassment was coming to her like a tide, forcing her nowhere to retreat. Lu Miaomiao: There has never been a moment in my life, like now,calcium nitrate sol, when I want to die. Dou Fan, you are so cruel! When Shen Yingying attempted to make a millennium killing gesture for the third time, she was stopped by Lu Miaomiao with her last bit of strength. Shen Yingying looked regretful. Just then, the set was finally finished, and the director shouted, "The actors are ready to start later!" " Lu Miaomiao silently said thank God in her heart, but suddenly remembered the strange look in the director's eyes these two days, and the way the photographer brother wanted to speak to her, and in an instant he wanted to die. Before,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, she stood by the lake without any desire to jump, but now she had an impulse to jump in. The actors stood up and returned to the time when Dou Fan had just hugged her. Director: "3, 2, 1, action!" Lu Miaomiao raised his head, should have been sad, helpless and pitiful, but when he looked up and saw Dou Fan, he thought of the millennium killing of Shen Yingying just now. He was so angry that he stared at Dou Fan uncontrollably. Dou Fan was startled by her cold stare and took a step back. Director: "Ka!" The director was a little dissatisfied, holding up the loudspeaker and shouting to Lu Miaomiao: "Miaomiao, your eyes just now are too ferocious, not like hooking up with people, like eating people!" Lu Miaomiao nodded repeatedly, so he had to adjust his mood and start shooting again. To tell the truth, by Dou Fan such a person holding, the heart is really uncomfortable. Holding Lu Miaomiao in his arms, Magnesium Oxide powder ,dap diammonium phosphate, Dou Fan began to express his love: "pity!"! I'm sorry, you don't want to die, don't scare me, OK? Lu Miaomiao thought: If I really want to be with you, I would rather die! On the mouth actually said: "I am very sad, I am really very sad, thought later you are the white moon a person, I am sad cannot from already, breathes with difficulty!" " Dou Fan looked sad, but he held Lu Miaomiao tightly in his hands: "Pity, don't say that again.". In fact, when I saw you running out crying, I suddenly realized that I was afraid of losing you. When I thought of you running out like this, in case something happened, in case I never saw you again, I would be in a mess and lose my mind! Lu Miaomiao silently rolled his eyes and moved by the way to get rid of Dou Fan's salty pig hands. Dou Fan put on an affectionate look: "pity, I suddenly realized that I really can not lose you.". I can give up everything, but I can't lose you. Lu Miaomiao endured a look of sarcasm and put on a shy look, as if he had finally been moved by Dou Fan and smiled through tears. Then he seemed to wake up suddenly: "Ah, you come out to look for me, what about the white moon?" Said is to lower his head, an innocent look: "This is you and Bai Yue's engagement banquet, you come to me, then Bai Yue how to do?"? How embarrassing it would be if you left and she was alone. Oh, it's all my fault. But Dou Fan hugged her again: "Pity, don't say that about yourself. This is my choice. I want to come out to find you. It has nothing to do with you.". I'll explain to the white moon. Lu Miaomiao broke away from hugging again, looking fragile and tangled: "That." Will our affair hurt the white moon? Dou Fan wanted to think: "Then don't tell her first, and when the time is ripe, I will confess to her." Then he said to himself: "Bai Yue is a knowledgeable and reasonable girl. My mind is not on her now. She will understand." Lu Miaomiao complained in her heart: Hehe, why should I let my real girlfriend understand your feelings? The brain circuits of scum men and bitches are really strange. The director shouted, "Ka!" Lu Miaomiao finally breathed a sigh of relief, hurriedly broke away from Dou Fan, step back, want to leave him as far as possible. Dou Fan looked at Lu Miaomiao eager to get rid of him, as if to avoid the plague, a burst of discomfort in his heart, and thinking of her repeated rejection of him before, a kind of malicious desire for revenge poured out. Dou Fan sneered and took another step in the direction of Lu Miaomiao with a provocative face, approaching her and blocking half of her way. Lu Miaomiao almost rolled her eyes to the sky: Is this man sick today? Oh, no, this man is sick every day! But a member of the opposite sex suddenly crossed the safe distance between them and approached her. The distance between them was less than 10 centimeters. Lu Miaomiao felt that his forehead was about to touch Dou Fan's lips. Such a distance, especially for a person whom one hates, makes one feel strongly uneasy and irritable. Lu Miaomiao could not bear it any more: "Dou Fan, get out of my way!" Dou Fan curled his lips, smiled coldly, pretended not to hear her voice, and remained motionless. Lu Miaomiao face a burst of hot and dry, just eager to get rid of Dou Fan, get rid of this suffocating distance, finally unbearable, reach out to push Dou Fan, want him to quickly get out of the way,calcium ammonium nitrate price, their own good off the bridge. Unexpectedly, the weight difference between men and women was too big. Lu Miaomiao suddenly reached out to push Dou Fan's back, but instead suddenly made his center of gravity unstable.