Military Queen Bee Program-End

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Unexpectedly, the weight difference between men and women was too big. Lu Miaomiao suddenly reached out to push Dou Fan's back, but instead suddenly made his center of gravity unstable.

Liu Ping pulled him up, a face of dissatisfaction, "too weak.". From today on, you will receive special training every day. "Eh?" That's an order. You said you'd follow me, right? Then listen to me, okay? "Oh.." Yes As a result, Connor's' tragic 'fate began. After that, Liu Ping'an took him wherever he went. Even back on the battlefield, Connor has been with Liu Ping'an. In the eyes of others, Liu Ping'an treated him like a servant. But in fact, Connor knew that Ann was so worried about him that she kept him by her side and protected him under her wings. Connor has always felt that he was so lucky to meet Liu Ping'an. Shrimp: You must be an M.) After several unexpected events, this year's freshmen finally started their classes. Classes are very tight because they start later than usual. Unlike pre-training, classes are held entirely indoors. On weekdays, apart from basic morning exercises, there is basically no field training. There are many basic knowledge courses. 54. Eat ice cream.. There are more e-books and reference materials than I can read. Liu Ping'an,Magnesium Oxide powder, who had not attended a regular school, almost collapsed. I can't! If I go on like this, I'll go crazy. Liu Pingan threw the book away and grabbed his hair. It has entered the midsummer, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Students are required to wear neat short-sleeved uniforms to class on weekdays, but when they return to the dormitory, the boys will take off their uniforms and wear only vest and shorts. Liu Ping'an is no exception,Magnesium Sulphate price, wearing only a white vest and flat shorts. One foot on the chair, one foot crossed, leaning on the chair and getting angry. Ann, I'll lend you a copy. Connor, who was doing his homework next to him, began to be a little restless. Although he studies in different departments, some classes are required for all students, so the homework is similar. Have you finished yet? Awesome. Thank you so much! Liu Ping'an unceremoniously copied Connor's homework into his electronic notebook. Ann, you can't do that. You can copy his multiple choice questions, but you can't copy the questions in the back. The teacher will find out. Aslan and Livy came back with a big bag of things. Even though it was very hot, they still wore neat uniforms and tied their ties well. Let Connor wonder: Is the constitution of an aristocratic family different from ours? Having been taught a lesson, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Liu Ping'an was unhappy and his face grew long. He gave a sharp snort. If you don't copy, don't copy. Push the electronic notebook back onto Connor's desk. Don't be angry. Would you like some ice cream. From the girls. Aslan thought it was funny for the boy to be angry, a little like a kitten. When the kitten is angry, he will always touch its fur and tease it with delicious food, and it will be very happy to be intimate with itself. He felt that teenagers also ate this set. Want! Of course! As soon as Liu Ping'an heard the ice cream, his eyes lit up. When Aslan handed him the ice cream in the bag, he immediately grabbed it and ate it. Ann, that's not how you eat ice cream. Watching Liu Ping'an eat and bite, the ice had a headache and squinted, Connor couldn't help it. You have to lick it slowly. "Lick?"? It turns out that you have to lick to eat this noble thing. Liu Ping'an's face was suddenly enlightened. What? Hasn't Ann eaten before? "No.". This kind of food is so expensive that I can't afford it. He has only seen rich young men and young ladies eat. Liu Pingan had never stayed in a big city before, and all the places he stayed were borders. Things like ice cream are actually not expensive, but in places where there is a shortage of materials, it is also a luxury. Connor and Aslan looked at each other and felt a dull pain in their hearts at the same time. Connor handed over the ice cream in his hand. "Ann, if you still want to eat, I'll give you mine." "Really!" Two times to solve the hand, Liu Ping happily poked his head in the past, licked the ice cream in Connor's hand. Well, it's delicious. The teenager squinted 54. Eat ice cream.. Eyes, mouth with a little white ice cream, pink tongue licking the lips, I do not know why, people feel a feeling of color. Unconvinced, Aslan stared at Connor and thought, How cunning! And Connor couldn't help swallowing. I want to lick the ice cream around Ann's mouth. Just as he was thinking about it, someone actually went over and licked the corners of Liu Ping'an's mouth with his tongue. Connor dropped the ice cream from his hand in fright. Liu Pingan was so quick that he caught it and continued to lick it. While licking and kicking away Gavin lying beside him, "Don't grab food with me, it's so hot, it's so hot!" Gavin squatted there, sucking his finger pitifully. A drop of sweat fell from the back of Aslan's head. Actually, there are a few more. The author has something to say: eating ice cream is really cute. Why do I always feel that the boys' dormitory is full of JQ? 55 55, everyone's hometown.. This thing is really delicious. It's sweet and melts in the mouth. Liu Ping'an licked and asked Aslan, "Can you give me one more?" "That's no problem.". But haven't you had enough? If you eat too much, you will have diarrhea. Aslan felt that the boy was really like a child. Eat as much as you can when it tastes good. No. I want to send it to others to eat. Edgar would have liked it. "I'm afraid that won't work.". The ice cream melted quickly. Said Aslan, laughing. In fact, he wanted to know who that'Iger 'was. Because at the mention of this person,caustic calcined magnesite, Liu Ping'an's expression obviously softened. Who is Edgar? Connor asked Aslan's question. Just as Liu Ping'an was about to explain, the door of the dormitory was pushed open. Gerald strode in with a big box of things. Xiao An, come and pay for the specialty of my hometown. Gerald's loud voice called Eugene and Jiyu from the dormitory next door. Did you go to the school office to get these things? Eugene took the scissors and handed them to Gerald to open the box.