Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

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Unexpectedly, the weight difference between men and women was too big. Lu Miaomiao suddenly reached out to push Dou Fan's back, but instead suddenly made his center of gravity unstable.

Sitting in the carriage, Wufeng closed his eyes silently. The urgent information that had just come from the imperial capital once again made his relaxed mood tense again. The tree wanted to be quiet but the wind would not stop. If he wanted to take this opportunity to rest for a period of time, he did not know if it would interrupt him. He had no idea. Szeto Lang supervisor in Korea finally announced that in view of the current grim situation, the formation of the eighth and ninth legion, responsible for the eastern and northern defensive line, and only three days later, the Japanese set up the original family finally defeated has been and set up several other big families against the original family, ended hundreds of years of war, set up the original mountains and rivers finally can have the opportunity to point to the front outside, The large-scale shipbuilding plan surfaced with great fanfare, and the East Ocean was jittery for a while. And has been sick and stay in Yuhang Situ yuan suddenly suggested to the court, in view of the unstable situation in the south of the Yangtze River, asked the central empire to agree with him to form the tenth legion, and many businessmen and gentry to raise money, for the new tenth legion to raise funds for the initial stage, and use the media in the south of the Yangtze River to publicize wantonly, which obviously has the suspicion of acting first and reporting later. But Szeto yuan doesn't seem to care about these,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he believes that at this time his brother who is in charge of the country has no power to restrain or limit himself, that is just to make trouble for himself, even if his brother who is in charge of the country delays not to approve, he will form the tenth legion according to his own plan, Jiangnan's fiscal revenue is enough to form two legions again. Of course, he still can not be too obvious, in case the father who has been indulging in the hospital bed suddenly wakes up,Magnesium Oxide price, perhaps an imperial edict comes down, it is possible to plunge himself into the abyss, so we still have to be careful. And the Kaman people on the Jiayuguan came again signs of instability, according to the information obtained from the Kaman domestic, originally only more than thirty thousand people stationed in Jiayuguan, now has increased to at least fifty thousand people, but also continue to increase, is estimated to increase to a corps in the near future, although not enough to have a fatal threat to Taixuan, However, this information is linked to the increasing number of Karman troops in North Jelok, which has to make Wufeng worry about the safety of South Jelok. It seems that Gomez has finally consolidated his political position at home, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, regained the initiative, and is ready to move again, but he may still be waiting for the opportunity, and it has always been this guy's strategy to plan and move. At present, the garrison of Jelok stationed in Murrington has been restored to fifty thousand, but its combat effectiveness can not believe that the only thing to rely on is the 2nd Division of Yuchi Bin's South Jelok Corps and the Zhanbotao Division of the Empire stationed in Murrington. Fortunately, the shortage of Zhanbotao Division has been fully supplemented. Not long ago, Wu Feng met with Zhan Botao, who came to Qingyang to visit him, and he had a good view of the young man. The relationship between Zhan Botao and Wei Chi Bin was also quite good, which made Wu Feng quite sure about the defensive operations of Murrington. As long as we hold on to Murrington, the Carmans won't be able to make much of a difference. Quietly thinking about all this, no front know that maybe the quiet days are coming to an end, the clouds have been looming, whether it is Taiping people or Carman people, they will not let this situation last long, once in Jiujiang Cheng Dayou stand firm, I am afraid the continuous war will follow. The journey from Kongtong Mountain to Tianshuifu City is somewhat remote. It takes 50 miles to enter the main commercial road from Tianshui to Longdong. Even the commercial road from Tianshui to Longdong is not in good condition. The roadbed of many sections has been in disrepair for a long time. Some small bridges and culverts even make Wufeng feel that it may collapse at any time. The conscientious soldiers of the Guard tried to search every suspicious place a hundred meters away, whether in the farmland or in the mountains and forests. This time, the military governor took a large number of women to travel, which was also the most arduous task carried out by the soldiers of the Guard. The distance between several carriages was not large, and the thick heavy cavalry covered several carriages tightly. Everything seemed so calm. When the shrill scream pierced the sky, accompanied by a loud noise, heavy armor knights even had no time to react, they were suddenly hit by crossbows and boulders to open a big hole, two rows of heavy armor knights and horses were torn apart by the shock wave from the flank, and more than a dozen knights died on the spot. Broken limbs and flesh mixed with broken armor scattered on the ground, countless boulders and crossbow guns poured down from the distant hillside wave after wave, just a few breaths, several carriages in the team were also smashed by the swarms of boulders and crossbow guns. The angry Liang Chongxin quickly formed an array, while the well-prepared light armored soldiers judged the direction of the stabbing and hiding at the first time, and divided into two teams to outflank the enemy at the fastest speed, cutting off the enemy's retreat route. Another group of soldiers rushed straight to the hillside 300 meters away. It was obvious that the assassin's strike force came from the hidden place of the hillside. Shouting ShaSheng came out from the jungle on the hillside, searching for the soldiers encountered the enemy, but this group of soldiers who are specially responsible for the alert search obviously have the upper hand, shrill screams one after another, and from both wings of the soldiers also after the completion of the encirclement into the battle, then the fight is not too much suspense, Assassins who are good at using instruments are not necessarily good at hand-to-hand combat,Magnesium Oxide price, but face warriors who have been fighting for a long time. Report to Lord Liang that the battlefield has been cleared. Forty-seven people were killed and twenty-three captured on the spot. Six ballista and three detachable multi-armed slings were found in the low and flat hillside. When the soldier captain who had finished the battle ran to Liang Chongxin, Liang Chongxin could not hold back his anger. There was such a tragic situation in Tianshui territory. It could not be said that the enemy's madness had reached a certain extent, and the military officer who was fully responsible for Tianshui affairs should also have some responsibility? Jiangshan Meirenzhi Chapter 2 Qi Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 1 Cao Ge Section 56 Stab Again [Section 57 of the main text: pulling weeds]. stargrace-magnesite.com