Military goods, power and color

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Unexpectedly, the weight difference between men and women was too big. Lu Miaomiao suddenly reached out to push Dou Fan's back, but instead suddenly made his center of gravity unstable.

He looked at each other for a few seconds with his sharp and obvious eyes, and his neck shrank uncontrollably. It's over! In an emergency, she quickly gave in. The fourth brother.. Don't! -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Sorry for the long wait, the backstage has been unable to upload today! Card screen. And the spicy picture in the back bathroom. Cough, try to pass it again tomorrow, but cut it first! Thank you again for your support and encouragement! It seems useless to say more, anyway. Or that sentence, do not seek satisfactory, I hope there is no shame in the heart! In addition, for the activities of the brocade palace group last night, I expressed my great efforts. It's stuck! What is it vigorously. It's stuck again! Talk about it tomorrow! 043m Tidy up the scum girl Fourth brother?! The man's deep eyes darkened. There's a chance! As soon as Zhan Se looked at his expression, he thought so in his heart that the body that had almost collapsed on his leg just now had regained its fighting ability. A hand went up to his shoulder, softened his voice, looked intently into his eyes, and called softly again. Fourth brother, we have something good to say, you put me down first. The man stared at her, still silent. What the hell was he thinking? This time, Zhan Se was also stunned. Four elder brother these two words, have that big magic power? Looking at each other for a long time, Quan Shaohuang suddenly gave a cold "hum", his slightly wrinkled eyebrows loosened, and his eyes fell on her woman's expectant face. Zhan Xiaoyi, more and more tricks, huh? He found out! The big stone hanging in Zhan Se's heart was lifted again. However, calmness and indifference are the necessary weapons for her survival. After a while, she took a breath and chuckled. Fourth Master Quan, what are you doing here with me? Shouldn't you have something important to do at this time? Have you solved all the problems in the 317 hospital? "Care about me?" Quan Shaohuang glanced at her, his eyes Pure Brightness a lot,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and it was obvious that he did not look like the'fourth elder brother 'she had just heard. Then he lowered his head and looked at her, but he couldn't help twirling her little vermilion fruit and talking about romance. If your heart is as beautiful as it is.. How good it would be. He is right, the tip of the color is really good, a little bit in the white powder, a little dizzy into a mouth-watering color of powder. A flick, with her eating pain gently swing out of a wave, can shake his heart. Her heart was stifled, but she did not understand what he meant. What do you mean her heart is so beautiful? Why isn't her heart beautiful?! Under his gentle twirling, her angry voice trembled a little. Quan Shaohuang, you have a little humanity, okay? She gnashed her teeth and looked like a bitter cauliflower with a big fire and helplessness. Under the twist of his fingertips, his teeth could not bear to grind back and forth, and I felt more and more pity for him, which made the man so hot and hot that he wanted to bite her to death. Human nature? I really don't have this! Quan Shaohuang chuckled, patted her face, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, narrowed his eyes slightly, like a poisonous snake ready to devour food, and said almost to her lips, "Darling, I'll clean it up for you." "You open it, I can wash it myself." Zhan Se's voice trembled and his voice became hoarse. Don't move! The man is impatient. Is the juice delicious? Fourth Master Quan must have felt very delicious at the moment, because judging from the way he cleaned up, he ate carefully and carefully, and his Adam's apple was about to slip out of his throat. He slowly rolled the juice from the little white meat into his mouth, and the rhythm was well grasped. He sucked, nibbled, licked and bit. Obviously, the entrance of the food made his soul disappear.. "Quan Shaohuang!" Zhan Se could not bear to tremble and called him in a hoarse voice. The man did not answer her, black eyes shallow lift her one eye, continue to clean up carefully and patiently. Occupy color pushed him, struggling helplessly, but did not know that the body in such a twist, but is a more beautiful beauty arc. The bathroom is surrounded by mirrors. At this time, the image in the mirror can not be mentioned, not to mention how much it stimulates the eyeball. Her waist-length hair was scattered like black satin, some on the mirror wall, some on his shoulders, and on her narrow waist, only the small pants stained with juice hung, the whole person was placed tenderly, allowing the man to clean up slowly from top to bottom. Her eyes were hot and hot, and she looked at the picture of shame in the mirror, and her body was so uncomfortable that she twisted even more. Of course, I can't help cursing. You let go of me, asshole! "Don't move!" The man was upset by her, and the poor Quan Xiaosi was impatient. Staring at her eyes, his breath became more and more intense, as if someone had lit a fire, and the temperature of his body rose. In the midst of her low roar, he simply lifted her up and sat down directly on the marble washstand. Then he tore off his clothes in pain. Look at him, look at yourself, look at the mirror, the color of the brain in the'boom 'to ring, ears are burning up. The man's shirt buttons were quickly unbuttoned, revealing a strong, sensuous texture. Just below the strong abdominal muscles, there were some thick hairs extending down and sinking into the belt of his suit pants. Although she could not see the contents below, she could imagine what kind of beasts lived in the black forest that day. Didn't he say he wouldn't touch her until he was married. But now he's touching here and there. Besides, look at the current situation. Her eyes, once again, fell below the hair, and it was easy to see the suit pants that could not stand it. She was in such a panic that she made a gesture to jump off the washstand. Quan Shaohuang, I won't play with you,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and I won't marry. Give me a break! Begging for mercy is not sincere, but there is no way out. Zhan Xiaoyao, I told you not to move! Quan Shaohuang clamped her with one hand and pressed her back.