The best evil emperor

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Maybe he was the highest one I had ever seen. Because my internal force even Jiang Wuya and the man in blue can't reach out, but he can find it at once, it's not a simple thing, but even so, I still didn't put him in the eye, even if he can see how my three layers of inte

After pushing the door and entering, I saw that the fat man saw me, just slightly stupefied, then returned to normal, his face piled up that fake smile, he saw me will be stupefied, I think it must be related to my age, anyway, I am only a twelve-year-old boy, although my appearance looks like fourteen or fifteen years old. However, for a person like Fei Ye who looks about 30 years old, I may be a Shaoxia in his heart. I have said this before. This ancient view is different from my previous life. People will not be looked down upon and despised because they are young. Because in this era of strong force, even the youngest person may be a master of martial arts. In addition, people in this era have been trained and independent since childhood. So over time, real adults will not look down on children, because many adults have lost their lives because of this. Obviously, this fat man doesn't treat me as a child now. Maybe from my appearance and eyes, as well as my smile, and the internal force information that I scattered outside when he found me just now, maybe he thought I was not a simple person. So when he saw me go into the room, he obviously pretended to be polite to me. He reached out and waved the opposite chair. Then he smiled at me and said, "Please sit down." Of course I'm not polite. "Then I'm not polite,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet," I said indifferently. With that, I sat opposite him, and then looked at him deeply, although his ability could block the three and a half layers of internal force that I was now scattered outside, but I knew that he resisted a little reluctantly, which could be seen from the twinkling in his eyes, if I increased the internal force to about five layers. His inner thoughts will certainly be seen by my eyes, but now I don't want to show my strength so soon,304 stainless steel wire, because I want to see what this fat man wants. At this time, he gently handed me an empty teacup in front of him. He filled the teacup with a teapot and made a gesture of invitation. Then he took a sip of the tea in his arms and murmured, "This is the best Longjing tea. I spent a lot of money to buy it from the West Lake Tea House. It tastes light and elegant." With that, he opened his mouth again, then looked straight at me and let me drink it with encouraging eyes. Ha ha, no matter how he encourages me, I will drink it. Even if this tea is poisonous, I am not afraid. So it is easy to drink this tea. In fact, this fat man is testing whether I dare to drink it, so that I can see how much strength I have. For the so-called young swordsman who is generally self-righteous, they are very careful and decline, because their internal force can not resist the strong toxin. If I refuse, The fat man must think I'm just a ninth-rate guy. Although I want to keep a low profile, I have to win back the basic face. I smiled at him lightly and said, "Yes, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, I usually have some research on tea. Let me try it." With that, I took a sip of the so-called best Longjing tea. The taste was indeed pure, but there were countless offerings of this level of tea in the palace. In addition, I usually only loved Biluochun and lacked interest in this Longjing tea, so I put down the cup after taking a sip. But at the same time, my tongue also began to analyze the composition of the water, and like the plot of the nine-rate movie, this fat fruit put poison in my tea, and this poison is colorless and tasteless, extremely poisonous, ordinary people will be poisoned to death as soon as they touch it, even if the poisoner drinks it himself, as long as the tongue is stained with this poison. Even if there is detoxification, there is no time to eat it and you will die. It seems that this fat man is really poisonous. But at the same time, I have some doubts. According to this, he also drinks this tea. How can it be all right? When I analyzed this toxin, I got a result that to detoxify this poison, it must be taken after poisoning. If the fat master had taken the antidote before taking the poison, he would have been poisoned, but he was all right. This shows that the fat master's research and resistance to toxins are quite strong. With this in mind, I thought of the toxin in the lotus seed fish soup that I had eaten in the delicious fish farm before. That toxin is very difficult to synthesize, and it has multiple effects. Not a person who has a deep study of poison is unable to make that kind of toxin, but also with the complete fusion of food and toxin, the person who made the poison is very powerful, and I now suspect that the person who made the toxin is the fat man himself, because his resistance to the toxin in tea is really incredible. When I was drinking tea, he looked at me with a smirk. There were a lot of thoughts in his eyes, but he couldn't see through them. Anyway, he didn't feel at ease. When I put the tea cup back on the table and looked back at him, the expression on his face was obviously stunned. It was obvious that he was slightly surprised, because the tea poison was so strong that he died as soon as he touched it. But I still had time to put the tea cup back on the table. It means that I can resist that toxin, which of course makes the fat man quite strange and surprised. We just looked at each other for a few seconds, and then I smiled and said, "This tea is good, but the seasonings in it are very harmful to the taste." Master Fei was a wise man, and he naturally understood what I meant when I said this. So as soon as he heard what I said, he immediately laughed and said, "It's true that a hero is a young man. This Shaoxia doesn't seem to be an ordinary man. Well, I, Master Fei, don't like to beat around the Bush. Let's open the window and make it clear. What do you have to say when you come here? Or who appointed you?" When he said this, it was obvious that he was secretly indicating that my martial arts foundation was not bad. It seemed that he had found the three and a half layers of internal forces outside the door when I peeped earlier. For so long, he was the first person who could find my scattered internal forces. But his martial arts were already in a trance. Maybe he was the highest one I had ever seen. Because my internal force even Jiang Wuya and the man in blue can't reach out, but he can find it at once, it's not a simple thing, but even so, I still didn't put him in the eye, even if he can see how my three layers of internal force are,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, it's just the rarity of my strength, not worth mentioning, if my strength is all open. It is estimated to be more than five hundred times the internal force now. What is the concept of five hundred times? I think the fat man opposite me will never understand.