A woman in love

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Maybe he was the highest one I had ever seen. Because my internal force even Jiang Wuya and the man in blue can't reach out, but he can find it at once, it's not a simple thing, but even so, I still didn't put him in the eye, even if he can see how my three layers of inte

This is a square topaz ring set in metal such as steel frame, and the workmanship is very fine. "Yes," she said. "But why did you buy these rings?" I need. It's all old stuff. "Did you buy it for your own use?" "No.". I don't look good with a ring on my hand. "Then why did you buy them?" "Buy it for you." Why give it to me? You must have bought it for Hermione! You belong to her. He didn't speak. She was still clutching the jewels. She wanted to wear these rings, but something in her mind prevented her from doing so. In addition, she was afraid that her hands were too big to wear, and she wanted to avoid losing her face when she couldn't wear the ring, so she only tried it on her little finger. So they drove around the empty streets. The bus ride was so exciting to her that she forgot her current situation. Where are we? She asked suddenly. Not far from the workshop. "Where are we going?" "Anywhere will do." That's the kind of answer she likes. She opened her hand and looked at the ring in it. Three round rings with precious stones were placed in the palm of her hand. She really wanted to try them on, but she didn't want Birkin to see them, otherwise he would find that her fingers were too thick. But he found out. He saw everything she didn't want him to see. He is so sharp-eyed that people really hate him. Only the ring of fire-set opal was so thin that she could put her fingers into it. But she was very superstitious and felt that there was a bad omen. No, she doesn't want his symbolic ring. This is tantamount to promising himself to him. Look, "she held out her half-clasped hand to him." None of the others are suitable. He saw the soft gems glinting red on her overly sensitive skin. It's not appropriate. He said Fire opals are unlucky,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, aren't they? She said thoughtfully. But I like unlucky things. Geely is very vulgar. Who needs what Geely brings? I don't need it anyway. "Why is that?" She laughed. She was eager to see what the other two rings looked like on her finger, so she put them on her little finger. These rings could have been made bigger. He said "Yes," she said doubtfully. Then she sighed. She knew that accepting the ring was tantamount to accepting a constraint. But fate is irresistible. She looked at the rings again. They were beautiful to her-not ornaments or riches, but objects of love. I'm glad you bought these rings. Reluctantly, she put her hand gently on his arm. He smiled a little. He needed her to be close to him,304 Stainless Steel Bar, but deep down he was angry and indifferent. He knew she had a passion for him, and it was true. But it's not a complete passion. Deeper passions erupt when one becomes more than oneself, more than emotion. Ursula, on the other hand, is still at the stage of emotion and ego-always unable to transcend herself. He accepted her, but he was not possessed by her. He accepted her in her dark, bashful way-like a devil looking down upon the mysterious source of decay-the source of her life. He laughed, shook his shoulders, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, and finally accepted her. As for her, when will she rise above herself and accept him in the sense of death? Now she became very happy. The car was moving forward, and the afternoon was soft and sunny. She chatted with interest, analyzing people and their motives-Gudrun and Gerald. He answered vaguely. He was not so much interested in the personalities of different people-they were different, but they were all subject to the same limitations. There are only about two great ideas, only two great streams of motion, from which many forms of reflux are derived. This kind of backflow-reverse countercurrent behaves differently in different people, but people follow only a few big rules, which are essentially the same. Their movements, or counter-movements, follow several great laws without being dominated by their will, and once these laws and principles are known, people are no longer mysterious, and there is no meaning. People are essentially the same, and their differences are just variations on a theme. None of them can surpass their destiny. Ursula disagreed. She thought that understanding people was still an adventure, but perhaps not as much as trying to convince herself that it was an adventure. Perhaps now her interests are a little like those of a machine. Perhaps her interest is destructive, and her analysis is really like dismembering things. In her mind, she did not care about others and their special features, and she did not even care about the destruction of others. For a moment she seemed to touch the idea in her mind, and she calmed down and turned all her interest to Birkin. Isn't it beautiful to go back in the twilight? She said, "Shall we have tea later?"? Drink strong tea, will you? "I promised to dine at Shortlands." He said But it doesn't matter. You, you can go tomorrow. "There's Hermione," he said uneasily. She'll be out of here in two days. I think I should say goodbye to her. I'll never see her again. Ursula distanced herself from him and was silent. Birkin's eyebrows were furrowed, and his eyes flashed with anger. Don't you care? He said a little irritated. No, I don't care. Why should I care? Why Her remarks were sarcastic. I'm asking myself, "he said." Why do you care! But you just don't look satisfied. His eyebrows were furrowed with anger. Believe me, I don't care,304 Stainless Steel Coil, not at all! Go where you're supposed to go — I want you to. "You fool!" Cried he. My relationship with Hermione is over. She means more to you than she does to me. If you go against her, you are one of her kind. "Against it!" Cried Ursula. 'I know your tricks. I won't let your sweet words deceive me. You belong to Hermione. You're obsessed with her. If you want, go ahead. I don't condemn you. But then you and I have nothing to do with each other. 。 sxthsteel.com