If the wind makes you cool in summer, the mysterious emperor will spoil his wife sweetly. Early summer & Xiao Lengti

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She hesitated a little and looked subconsciously at the old emperor sitting on the main stage. The latter was bowing his head and meditating, and did not hear the words of Yan Xingdao just now. Instead,Walking tape measure, Wei Qi, who had been standing beside the old emperor, realized Mu

Instead of driving cross-country into the back garden of others, Si Han also felt very humiliated. Aunt, I'm sorry to come here so abruptly. It happened for a reason. I apologize for my recklessness. I hope you can forgive me. Si Han already had a handsome face, and even if his clothes and hair were a little messy at the moment, his natural temperament could not be changed. Who are you from Mier? Why did you take her? Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Si Han, is Mier's boyfriend, because my bastard did something wrong to make Mier very disappointed. She left China without saying a word, and I chased her all the way for fear that she would disappear from the world. I didn't know this was her home just now. I came in in a hurry. I will bear all the losses. Si Han's words give people some good feelings, first of all, he honestly described the process, did not find any excuse, right is right, wrong is wrong. Undertake? Can you afford it? What you have just crushed is the bluegrass that I have cultivated for many years. This kind of bluegrass is very precious! How can you pay for it? An angry male voice sounded, and a man came out wearing a vest. Although he was more than seventy years old, he was in high spirits. Grandpa, this is sister Mier. This elder brother is sister Mier's boyfriend. Rebecca introduced. Good boy, come and show Grandpa. After listening to Rebecca's introduction, the old man calmed down a lot and waved to Mier. Honey walked up to him, and the old man seemed very happy. "Look how much you look like your mother. The baby cried for you, and you've been living outside all these years." "Grandpa." Honey threw herself into the old man's arms, and she finally had a grandfather. Good boy. When Si Han saw the happy appearance of their family, he understood what Xiao Lengting had said in the past. Things have become like this, he regrets too late, who let him care too much about Mier, so that he used the worst way to come in. Is this your boyfriend? It's a good match for you, but it's a bit of a tiger. The old man saw that the front of the car crashed like that. Is this something that normal people can do? Si Han was also embarrassed. "Grandpa,tape measure clip, I'm sorry. I'll pay for your bluegrass. I'll pay for it." Honey interrupted in time: "He's just my ex-boyfriend. We broke up." Break up? I don't agree, and I never will. One wants to break up, the other doesn't agree, the other runs out of China, and the other goes to the United States. Xiao Lengting is also not good to intervene, the Xiao family is also very speechless. Tell you what, you come in with us first, and I can see that you love Mier very much, but Mier seems to be hurt by you again. When you tell us what happened first, we will see whether you are worthy of forgiveness according to the extent of the matter. Si Han nodded, "good." When Mier returned to the Xiao family for the first time, she would have had a good memory if such an embarrassing thing as Sihan had not happened. Now that the whole family knows about her and Sihan, Mier is very uneasy. Everyone sat down one after another, cattle weight tape ,fish measuring tape, originally prepared a greeting ceremony for Mier, but because of Si Han, everyone was embarrassed to show it. Let the housekeeper for two people to make a cup of coffee, Si Han this just carefully looked at this villa, did not expect honey's biological parents will be such a powerful background. The better Mier's family is, the more dangerous it is for him. Everyone has what he has, so he won't be partial. Which one of you say? Asked the old man. Honey glanced at Si Han. "He said it." "All right, I'll do it." Without subjective emotions, Si Han narrated what happened at that time from beginning to end. Only then did he hear that Mier had fallen off the stage and lost the child, and Mr. Xiao was the first to get up. You bastard, how dare you do this to my precious granddaughter and my precious great-grandson! No family member would hear such a thing and stand in a neutral position. Even Mier's father scolded her in less fluent Chinese: "Smelly boy, my daughter doesn't want you!" Liya indiscriminately picked up the banana on the table and hit Sihan. "You scoundrel, you big scoundrel, how dare you hurt my sister! I hate you!" The most ruthless was Mier's mother, who stood up gracefully with an indifferent expression. "Mr. Si, from your description, I really don't think you love my daughter very much." "Auntie, it's not like that. I love her. I really do. It's just that I was softhearted about that woman before." "Well, I'm not Mel. You don't have to explain these things to me. I never look at the process. I only look at the result.". As a result, you have hurt my daughter deeply, not only physically but also mentally and psychologically. You'd better leave. Mother drew a conclusion mercilessly. Chapter 1046 we are clear. Si Han looked at Mier, "Mier, from China to the United States, no matter where you are, I will accompany you, give me another chance, OK?" Honey gazed deeply at the man she had loved deeply, "Si Han, I have told you what I should say.". I know you didn't want this to happen, but unfortunately it did. You didn't kill my child directly, but you killed her indirectly. You are sad, and I am more sad than you. It was supposed to be a little life that I gave birth to, but it disappeared because of your indulgence to Fukuyama. Not every sorry can be exchanged for a "it doesn't matter, I hate you, as long as I see you, I will think of the dead child.". I don't even see what she looks like. I don't even know whether she is a man or a woman. I always have a nightmare these days. In the dream, a child called my mother, and she asked me why I did this to her. "Honey, it's just that you're under too much mental pressure. I won't hurt you any more. Can you give me a chance?" "Si Han, we are finished, really finished, you go, I don't want to see you again." Honey did not hoarse, but very flat to say,Surveyors tape measure, such an understatement is really give up. Mr. Si, you can leave now. Housekeeper, see you off. 。 tapemeasure.net