Feng Yin Tian Xia (Full Version) Author: Yue Chu Yun

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In fact, Huangfu Wushuang had already got the news from the spy that the North Emperor had arrived in Yudu, but he didn't expect that the North Emperor would come to his wedding in person. Even so, please do so quickly. Huangfu Wushuang said with a smile. The Chamberlain went to deliver the decree, and soon the Chamberlain's drawn-out voice sounded. See you, North Emperor! As the end of the sound fell, a haughty figure outside the palace gate appeared in front of everyone. Northern Emperor Xiao Yin stepped on the red carpet and walked against the wind, dressed in a purple brocade robe with dragon patterns, hunting and flying with the wind. He walked in a domineering manner, walking in the wind, followed by two of the four pro-guards behind him. He did not stop until he was ten paces away from Huangfu's matchless body. Seeing this, the imperial guards of the Southern Dynasty almost clung to their swords and went forward to block him. So that's how you treated guests in the Southern Dynasties? Xiao Yin raised his eyes and swept them coldly. As far as he could see, the imperial guards felt a chill running through them inexplicably. The whole person was like falling into an ice cave. Stand down! Huangfu Wushuang shouted in a cold voice. The Northern Emperor has come a long way to meet you. It's really disrespectful! Huangfu Wushuang turned his head and laughed. The emperor is polite, this emperor this time, is specially to wish the emperor and the queen dragon and phoenix wing to wing, grow old together! Xiao Yin hooked his lips with a light smile, and his tone was light, with a trace of coldness and laziness. He raised his head slowly, raised his thin lips slightly, and showed a kind smile. His expression was very relaxed and warm. His purple eyes narrowed slightly. He said lightly, "It will be reasonable to present it." Followed by back to the snow and wind Wen Yan, holding the tray, will present the gift. Huangfu Wushuang motioned to the Chamberlain behind him to accept it,endless pool swim spa, walked slowly down the steps, and invited the North Emperor to attend the next banquet in the hall. Xiao Yinlang laughed, suddenly his eyes turned, and he gazed at the new queen on the side of Huangfu's body. His purple eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes shone brightly. He opened his lips and said slowly. : "When the emperor came here, he didn't know that the emperor was going to get married, so the gift was prepared in a hurry.". However, the emperor has a gift to send to the queen. When Huangfu Wushuang heard this, his black eyes narrowed slightly and he said with a half-smile,jacuzzi bath spa, "I didn't expect the North Emperor to present a gift to the empress. The empress didn't thank the North Emperor." Dan Hong, covered with a red handkerchief, could not see the appearance of the man. She lowered her eyes and only saw the buckskin moire boots. She stared down at his feet and suddenly remembered what the general had said before he left. She said she wanted her to marry instead, and that someone would take her away. Could it be said that this man is the North Emperor? Why He'll take her away? She exhaled slowly and said with a smile, "Thank you, Bei Di." "The queen doesn't look at what the gift is?" The voice with a trace of domineering is coming. Dan Hong trembled slightly in his heart and did not know what to do for a moment. Huangfu Wushuang said with a smile, "The empress is the queen of a country. She doesn't care about common customs. Take a look." As the voice fell, Huangfu Wushuang raised his hand and uncovered the Mandarin duck brocade handkerchief on Danhong's head. At the moment of lifting the veil, Ji Fengli was extremely nervous. At this time, he once again dressed up as the little prince of the Yuezhi Kingdom, while the real Nalanxue had now taken off his mask and dressed up as the attendant Moon Soul. His phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, gazing at the queen dressed in phoenix crown and rosy clouds for a moment, and his heart was already hanging high, nervously without a landing. Just that moment, the woman with the phoenix crown and rosy clouds fled back. Counting the time, she should have caught up with Huangfu's matchless bridal sedan chair, indoor endless pool ,massage bathtub manufacturers, so he insisted on entering the palace to see the woman again. He saw Xipa slowly uncovered, revealing the woman's red lips, Qiong nose, bright eyes, Dai eyebrows, and then, a beautiful face appeared in front of everyone, first moth eyebrows, bright eyes and white teeth, beautiful and beautiful. It's a beautiful face, but there's no place like him. With a bang, the heart hanging high seemed to fall from a high place in an instant and broke to the ground. Could it be that what he had just seen was really an illusion? Is really missing like crazy, so see who is he? Bright sunshine, reflecting in the red square, Yeyan red silk floating in the wind, it seems that everywhere is festive, only his pair of black eyes, seems to be a thousand years old, carrying the ancient cold. When he saw Dan Hong's face clearly and recognized that she was Song Qiluo, the concubine before Emperor Kang, and that yuanbao was because she had committed the crime of bringing disaster to the palace, he was stunned. Xiao Yin was stunned when he saw Dan Hong's face. At the age of seven, his mother died, and since then, her face has become more and more blurred in his memory. On that day, when Hua Zhuyu unfolded the portrait of Dan Hong in front of him, that moment seemed to be all about his mother. The memories have come back. At this moment, when he saw the real Dan Hong, he was still stunned. For a moment, he thought his young mother was back. Also stunned is Huangfu matchless, Nie yuanqiao's news blockade is extremely tight, after all, the queen was robbed from the Nie family before the wedding, they can not get away. Besides, the queen is not the daughter of their family. As a result, Huangfu Wushuang did not get robbed by Hua Zhuyu. News. At this time suddenly saw the queen changed a person, in the heart how not surprised? He slowly turned his head, in the public can not see the angle, handsome and matchless face as dark as winter snow, with a thick cold and murderous look, the original pair of black eyes full of joy became as sharp as an eagle. He exhaled deeply, and when he turned his face again, his lips. The smile of the horn is as brilliant as the peach blossoms blooming in early spring. He stepped forward and grabbed Dan Hong's slender jade hand. Looking back, he said to Xiao Yin slowly, "I wonder what is the gift that the emperor of the Northern Dynasty is going to present to the empress?" The princes were equally shocked. What they didn't understand was how the concubines of the former Emperor Kang became the daughter of Nie Youxiang and how they became the new queen. Many people were puzzled, but when they saw Huangfu's calm appearance, no one spoke. Dan Hong gazed at the majestic and domineering man a few steps away, and saw his haughty purple eyes as if on fire, slightly stupefied. The pair of purple eyes staring at her, as if with the power of the soul, instantly contained her in. Thank you,endless swimming pool, Your Majesty. She saluted the emperor of the Northern Dynasty. Xiao Yin waved, behind him back to the snow came up with a jade dish, jade dish with a picture of silk. monalisa.com