Love at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatient

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Then, Jiang Xiaozhi woke up in a daze, looked at the eyes that fell on her body, then the index finger and thumb merged, and pinched her little face hard, so painful, really painful, because her tears flowed out. She cried, "Uncle, uncle, I thought you didn't want me!" His hand went up, and her little face went into it. He wiped her tears, and the corners of his eyes turned red. Uncle, let's get married! Jiang Xiaozhi wiped his tears, shook his head lightly, and said earnestly. Jiang Haicheng was stupefied, the body stopped, the mind flashed to write words, he had always thought that those were dreams, but so true, it was really Xiaozhi said to him. "Let's get married, don't wait for me to graduate, go now, so we can be together every day!" Jiang Xiaozhi had straightened up and sat sideways, facing Jiang Haicheng. Her idea was very simple. She only thought that if she got married, people would not say that the second uncle would come, and they could be together openly, holding hands, hugging, kissing, and doing the most normal things between boyfriends and girlfriends. However, reality and ideal,outdoor hot tub, the difference is a long way. Jiang Haicheng is still facing the front, arm to Jiang Xiaozhi, the corners of the mouth pursed, did not say a word. The shy Jiang Xiaozhi, with red clouds rising on her face, also knew that women were embarrassed to say this to men. Gardenia! After a long time, Jiang Haicheng called her in a hoarse voice. Jiang Xiaozhi bowed his head, thinking that the second uncle was going to promise to come, and his heart was beating, and the little heart was about to jump out. Fingers stretched out, fell on Jiang Xiaozhi's shoulder, and then gently brought her into her arms,best whirlpool tub, fingertips across her back, holding her in her arms. Xiaozhi, no matter what I do, who I am with, or hurt you, or don't see you, or don't look for you, no matter how far we are apart, how long we meet once, you must remember that I only want you, Jiang Xiaozhi, happy forever! She was a child who grew up in the sunshine, and her smile was comparable to the sunshine, but just because she fell in love with him, she fell into such a life. She had to wear a mask when she went out, and when she went out to eat, she would be surrounded by onlookers. Her world suddenly changed. People try to figure out her mind with their own vulgar ideas, in fact, not until Jiang Xiaozhi has a crystal-like heart, her world is as simple as falling snowflakes, beautiful and transparent! He wants to guard her, let her always do the original Jiang Xiaozhi, hot tub wholesale ,whirlpool bathtub, no matter what price to pay, he Jiang Haicheng will give her a blue sky, and there is only sunshine, there will be no rain. Jiang Xiaozhi buried in his arms, happy, making a buzzing sound. Jiang Haicheng did not listen carefully to her words, just hugged her, head on her hair, gently tunnel, "Xiaozhi, the reality of the original so many involuntary!" "What's the matter, uncle?" Jiang Xiaozhi finally felt his mood, very wrong, hurriedly raised his head, carefully looking at him. Jiang Haicheng raised his mouth, smiled, reached out to hold her neck, did not answer her question, but whispered, "Xiaozhi, must be the most beautiful bride!" "Ah!"! Ha This change is too fast, Jiang Xiaozhi a little can not stand, directly shouted. The little hand fell on Jiang Haicheng's clothes and grabbed his clothes. "Did you agree?" Eyes blinking, waiting for his answer. Jiang Haicheng smiled and reached out to hold her face, "fool!" "Uncle, do you think I'm too, too direct?" Jiang Xiaozhi's face was held in his arms, and as he spoke, the position of his lower cheekbone moved, rubbing against the flesh of his palm. Unable Jiang Haicheng shakes his head, his small Zhi, how he likes. How interesting Jiang Xiaozhi smiled exultantly, not to mention how happy, the small body moved, and shrank into Jiang Haicheng's arms. Jiang Haicheng hugged her and remembered Jiang Wanxuan who had just come over. He will be discharged from the hospital today, but Jiang Wanxuan did not wait for him to go back but came here, he knew there must be something important to say. It's just that he didn't think it was so important. It's important enough to cut a knife in his heart and take his heart. 345: Haicheng, marry Jinhua after leaving the hospital! 345: Haicheng, marry Jinhua after you leave the hospital! Dad, what are you doing here? Jiang Haicheng was packing up his things when he heard the door ringing. He thought it was Xiaozhi coming after class, but he saw Jiang Wanxuan standing by the door on crutches. I came to see you! Jiang Wanxuan nodded and took a step inside. The king's steward closed the door and stood guard at the door. In the quiet ward, only the two of them came, Jiang Haicheng looked at Jiang Wanxuan's serious side face, the corners of his mouth pursed, knowing that he had come specially, there must be something important. Dad, if you have anything, just say it! After the silence, Jiang Haicheng spoke first. Jiang Wanxuan sighed and tightened his hand holding the dragon head, "Haicheng!" Jiang Haicheng nodded, got up and took the kettle and poured him a cup of hot water. Haicheng, you will marry Jinhua after you leave the hospital! Jiang Wanxuan sank his voice and called him. Jiang Haicheng thought he had misheard, raised his head and looked directly into Jiang Wanxuan's eyes, "Dad, the person I love is Xiaozhi!" This is the first time he personally said this sentence to Jiang Wanxuan, before the kidnapping when they only ran into, later Jiang Xiaozhi said, but he never said it. Nonsense, she is your niece, how can you fall in love! Jiang Wanxuan's chest fell, the crutch in his hand was raised, and then it fell down forcefully, making a sound of "dang". Dad, you should know best whether Xiaozhi is my niece or not. He asked, his face glowing with confidence. When did you know you were not a child of the Jiang family? Since he dared to fall in love with Xiaozhi, he must have known his life experience, but Jiang Wanxuan was very curious about this, he, Jiang Minghui and Wang butler did not tell anyone, so how did he know. Jiang Haicheng pursed his mouth,whirlpool hot tub, his thick eyebrows tightened a little, his fingers fell on his knees, and his index finger pressed down a little tightly when he talked about the topic.