I robbed the favor of the white moonlight.

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How can an immoral prince ascend the throne? Among the remaining princes, King Qing was mediocre and incompetent, King Ling lived in seclusion, was obsessed with calligraphy and painting, had no intention of governing, and King Huai died early. The only one who can compete with Wang Ye is the old Liuduan King who led the troops. However, their own Wang Ye for the long, Duan Wang for the younger brother, how can cross the elder brother, choose Duan Wang? At least 60% of his princes hope to become the crown prince. Mammy Luo became excited in an instant. But what she didn't know was that Qin Junzhen, the princess of Lang, could almost confirm that her prince must be the future prince. King Duan can't compete with his own prince at all. Because my mother-in-law is the only love of the emperor today. If the prince is deposed, it is impossible for the present emperor not to choose his own prince, but to choose Duanwang. If her own prince becomes the crown prince, then she is the crown princess. The future queen.. Her son will be the great emperor of the future. Lang Princess Qin Junzhen never thought that one day, the seat that all the women in the world looked up to would fall on her head. Her breathing suddenly tightened, and her mood could not be calm for a long time. For a long time, the mood of the master and servant calmed down. Too excited master and servant two people did not realize the unusual Liyu courtyard, after the excitement, Shousui's sense of tiredness came like an avalanche,american hot tub, Qin Junzhen let Luo Mammy step down, she leaned on the soft couch, thought she would soon fall asleep, but somehow thought of Shen Mingqing's fetus. Shen Mingqing is addicted to spicy food. Almost every meal is spicy, and it's not the kind of love that pretends to be, it's true love. She was from Suzhou, and she couldn't eat spicy food. If she didn't really like it, she wouldn't think about spicy food every day. Involuntarily,hot tub spa manufacturers, Qin Junzhen breathed a sigh of relief. Good girl.. With such a mind, Qin Junzhen slowly closed his eyes. The mood can not be calm for a long time in addition to Lang Princess Qin Junzhen's Yixiang courtyard, there is also the Ye side imperial concubine of Miaoyu courtyard. Back from the palace, Ye side imperial concubine received a note, has been sitting on the soft couch pondering, until a servant girl came to hold the lamp, Ye side imperial concubine seems to wake up from a dream. She threw the note in her hand into the charcoal basin and watched the note turn to ashes. The corners of her mouth were slightly hooked and her eyes were shining. Huang Zhong had an accident, and even Zhu Ning yuan and Zhi Yu yuan, who were grounded, got some news. Zhang was shocked. What kind of punishment the prince would receive and how things would develop became her second motivation to live after looking forward to Shen Mingqing's bad luck. It was Su Xuehen of Zhiyuyuan who relieved both hatred and doubts. In fact, from Shen Mingqing to the palace, she was very confused. Because in the last life, there was no such thing as Chongxi. In the last life, it seemed that at this time, endless swim pool ,jacuzzi suppliers, the health of Zhenfei Empress was not good all the time. After a period of delay, Zhenfei Empress died suddenly. It was a great blow to Wang Ye at that time. Wang Ye often did not sleep for several days and nights, and only here could he get a moment of peace. In the last life, there was no happiness, nor was there any fornication between the prince and the concubine. Although, the prince is unlucky, Su Xuehen is happy. However, the development of things completely different from the previous life made Su Xuehen inexplicably uneasy. In this life, can she still get Xiao Jingyan's wholehearted love as in the previous life? Will she still be the white moonlight in his mind? For the first time, Su Xuehen's firm belief in becoming Xiao Jingyan's white moonlight in his life was shaken, and his heart was inexplicably flustered. No way! She must get Wang Ye's love back! Her grounding is over. Hua Nong, inquire about Wang Ye's recent whereabouts. Su Xuehen looked at the beauty in the mirror and ordered. Yes Hua Nong answered with great joy. To see their masters finally cheer up, the most happy is their servants. Chapter 57 [catching insects]. The wind and clouds are surging in the court. The orchid beauty intended to seduce the prince and was killed by a white silk. Although the prince was framed, but, "lack of self-cultivation, good sex can not empty oneself..." As a result, he killed all the followers of the prince at that time, and demoted several of the prince's trusted ministers, including the father of Lan Meiren. Although the prince finally returned to the East Palace, everyone knew that the prince was in big trouble this time. Although Ming Yongdi denied the prince's fornication with his concubine, if the prince was really innocent, why did Ming Yongdi kill all the followers of the prince at that time?! Also demoted several prince's confidants in a row?! This can not help but let some bright eyes and lively courtiers imagine. Is the prince going to lose power?! If the prince loses power, who will become the new prince?! Should they find a way out for themselves in advance in order to win a victory! King Qing is mediocre, but the ranking is there, in addition to the prince is him, Li Li Li Chang, the ranking down is also none other than him. All of a sudden, the king of Qing, who had not been taken seriously, suddenly became lively, and even the princess of Qing began to flatter her. Qing princess is naturally know these people because of what, can not help but some complacent, for Crown Princess Gao Yurong's words also did not listen to that, so angry Gao Yurong in the East Palace dropped a lot of jade vase. Some people think that even if the prince fell, will not fall on the body of king Qing, nothing else, that is, king Qing is too mediocre, such a person let alone open up territory, is to let him defend the city is difficult. He cast his eyes on King Ling. Although Ling Wang lived in seclusion and loved painting and calligraphy, he was talented and had a great position in the hearts of literati. Now, those literati are more willing to surround King Ling, and they have their own style. King Huai, the fourth brother, died early. Huai Wang Fu did not roll into the center of the storm,whirlpool hot tub spa, and Princess Huai still lived quietly. Lang Wang here also gathered some people, although not many people, but they are very fine. monalisa.com