He ascended by his face.

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Lu Huan said, "Are you trying to persuade me?" "I dare not," said Chen Yun. Lu Huan told Chen Yun: "Go to check the background of the loan to Shen Guofeng's usury." Chen Yun most have a headache this kind of thing, ask: "Really want to check?" Lu Huan says: "Do not check let him go fooling around?" Chen Yun says: "Then let him make trouble." She did not believe that Shen Junqi, who had no connections in Jinsha City, could make any trouble. No matter how smart Shen Junqi is, Lu Huan wants to control him without any effort. Now it seems that either Shen Junqi blows the pillow wind or Lu Huan is distressed, and he has taken the initiative. She only dared to say a few words, hung up the phone, and had to honestly do what Lu Huan had told her. Lu Huan finished the phone call, threw his cell phone on the table, pulled out a cigarette from the cigarette case and lit it. He leaned back in his chair, looked up and took a puff of smoke, which curled around, faintly outlining the back of Shen Junqi just now. When Shen Junqi was left behind, he knew that there would be such a day. There was a knock on the door. "Come in," said Lu Huan. Shen Junqi came in with a fruit bowl. I did. I just got the call. Shen Junqi was a little happy. Lu Huan said, "Come and sit down." This room has only one chair, Shen Junqi wants to sit, only sits on Lu Huan's thigh. It's the second time I've seen you laugh so relieved. "Is it?" Shen Junqi took a strawberry, Lu Huan thought to feed himself, but Shen Junqi threw it into his mouth. Lu Huan pinched his chin and snatched the strawberry directly from his mouth. Beibei, tell me about your childhood, take part in talent shows,outdoor whirlpool tub, go out with your parents, play games with your friends. Lu Huan suddenly wanted to know how good Shen Guofeng's family was to Shen Junqi, so that he could endure humiliation and bear all this. Shen Junqi took a strawberry again and planned to feed it to Lu Huan, but when he heard this, his hand stopped in the air. When I was a child- Shen Junqi's eyes were suddenly a little confused. About when you were a kid? What should he say? What does Lu Huan want to know? But Lu Huan's voice is so bewitching, like a siren, luring Shen Junqi to tell the story treasured in his heart. Shen Junqi's eyelashes drooped. I didn't go out with my parents, nor did I participate in the talent show. He gave a pale smile: "When I was a child, I seemed to be the most annoying kind of child." The author has something to say: It will continue at half past three tomorrow. I dare not send a notice, and I feel that I haven't written TT twice in a row. Chapter 44 past. In many people's perception, children should have the innocence and stupidity of children. Children who are too smart and precocious will be labeled by adults as precocious, precocious and so on. Especially those parents who are jealous and their children are not very smart, when they see other people's smart children, garden jacuzzi tub ,outdoor spa manufacturers, they will always exhort and intervene to exclude them from the scope of their children's friends. When Shen Junqi was a child, he was such a child. He is the adopted son of Shen Guofeng, whose biological parents died at the hands of rampant road bandits, and was later adopted by Shen Guofeng, a business partner of his biological parents. When Shen Junqi was adopted, Shen Guofeng was actually under pressure. Before Shen Junqi's biological father died, he had a relationship with Shen Guofeng because of the development of his career. Later, when something happened, many people set their sights on Shen Guofeng and suspected that he was the mastermind behind those road bandits. At that time, Shen Junqi, who was less than two years old, was the heir. Adopting Shen Junqi was tantamount to adding a bit of mystery to the rumors outside. But even so, Shen Guofeng still adopted Shen Junqi, and let Shen Junqi become a partner, and later, the partnership turned into a company, Shen Junqi became a shareholder of the company. The rumors about Shen Guofeng have since disappeared. But Shen Guofeng is not as good as the outside rumors. He is a good father. He is ambitious and impulsive. 365 days a year, he runs business outside 360 days a year. The family is completely left to his wife to take care of. His wife is a jealous woman, which leads to Shen Junqi's whole childhood shrouded in the shadow of exclusion and cold violence. It was not until Shen Junqi went out to study that he realized that not everyone in the world hated him. Lu Huan was very surprised at Shen Junqi's words. He originally thought that Shen Junqi, who was good-looking and clever, must have been the king of children when he was a child, but he did not expect that Shen Junqi would tell him such a result. Speaking of it now, Shen Junqi is very calm: "I have always had a lot of children in my family. My relatives are all doing business. The children are raised in my house. At that time, I felt that they all hated me and didn't want to talk to me, let alone play together." "Why?" Asked Lu Huan. Shen Junqi poked a strawberry with a small fork and said while eating it, "probably because I have no blood relationship with them." Lu Huan said, "Is that the reason?" Shen Junqi said: "In fact, there are many, many, for example, I do not want to help them do their homework, or sometimes I do not want to talk to them, in short, want to hate a person, there are thousands of reasons, I am the kind of person, how they look at it is not pleasing to the eye." Lu Huan asked, "Shen Guofeng and his wife didn't find that the other children in the family rejected you?" Shen Junqi said: "My father is very busy and often not at home. As for my mother, she probably wants me to disappear as soon as possible." Lu Huan asked again, "What about your brother?" "My brother-" Lu Huan saw Shen Junqi's eyes brightened and dimmed in an instant: "My brother is a very good man. He treats me as his own brother. When I was a child,Chinese spa manufacturer, he helped me block many fists." So, that's why you're willing to give everything? Are you willing to pay the present price for the affection when you were young? Lu Huan feels unimaginable, but can understand. Shen Junqi is a person who even promised him to find a job and asked himself what he could do for you. He is 100% grateful to those who give him a little warmth. monalisa.com