Wolong gives birth to Tianxiang Biao

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You should think about it quietly for a while and divide your subordinates into three classes. The first class is listed as tenacious people,Kamado bbq grill, the second class can be transferred, and the third class is listed as confidants.." Hu Po-ling was secretly startled and thou

Hu Po-ling thought to himself, "This boy's behavior is very different from that of ordinary people. In the future, if he is not a great hero, he will be a fierce hero." He looked at him twice more and said, "Is my little brother a disciple of Martial Uncle Kui?" The Taoist boy smiled again and said, "It's hard to become a great man at the end of school. I need a lot of help from Elder Martial Brother Hu." Articulate, very likable, Hu Po-ling nodded and smiled, did not answer again, and walked forward. It turned out that on the stone wall behind the Taoist boy, there was a cave three feet in size, slanting down. Hu Bailing, carrying the big fellow surnamed Zhou on his back, took the lead, bent over into the cave, and walked straight ahead. Zhang Jingan and the boy in the costume filed behind him, but the two big men in the costume stayed at the mouth of the cave. Although the cave was winding, it was not very long. After four or five feet, I suddenly saw the light of the sky. I saw four peaks standing on all sides, surrounded by a valley, under the cloth shed of yellow silk, sitting four old people. The man on the far left, with white hair and a face like the full moon, was in the autumn. The other three were sitting on their backs, unable to see clearly. Hu Bailing put down the big fellow surnamed Zhou on his back and said with a long bow,ceramic bobbin heater core, "I haven't worshipped Ciyan for more than ten years. Martial Uncle's skill has reached the realm of rejuvenation." It turned out that her beard and hair were all white, but her face was white and red, like a child's face. He smiled and said, "Very good, very good. You've added a lot of luster to your teacher and the old man. Very good, very good." Just two or three sentences, four in a row, are very good, and they are old-fashioned. Hu Po-ling said,ceramic bobbin heater, "The master has been well-educated, and the martial uncle has made great efforts to support him. The disciple has just met him. Fortunately, he has not failed to live up to the painstaking efforts of the master and the martial uncle." Suddenly, an old man on the left stood up and strode straight to the seriously injured big fellow. He raised his hand and clapped it on the big fellow's "Mingmen point". The big fellow heaved a sigh of relief and woke up. The old man said coldly, "It's useless. Who hurt you?" Hu Bailing turned his eyes and could not help smiling secretly. It turned out that the old man was extremely ugly. Half of his face was red and half of it was white. The red was bright and the white was bloodless. The big fellow surnamed Zhou seemed to be very afraid of the old man with a yin-yang face. His voice trembled slightly and he replied, "I was wounded by the monks of the Shaolin Sect." The strange old man gave a sneer and said, "The first time I went into battle, I was defeated. If I keep you alive, how can I be a teacher?" Say the words, raised his hand, have the big fellow of the week to kill the idea of the palm. Hu Po-ling thought to himself, "This man's name of cold poison is true. He treats the disciples he taught with his own hands so cruelly." Hurriedly said in a loud voice, "Elder, please calm down for the time being. Brother Zhou's enemy is Master Tianwang in the Bodhidharma Academy of the Shaolin Temple, one of the masters of the Tianzi generation in the Shaolin Temple. Brother Zhou and he fought hard, and it was still glorious to be defeated. Besides, Master Tianwang was wounded by Brother Zhou's soul-snatching mother-son shuttle. His wounds were more serious than those of Brother Zhou." The strange old man suddenly brushed his beard with a smile and said, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,steatite c221, "So you've met the old monk Tianwang. Although it's hard to calculate, it's still glorious to be defeated, but you can avoid death. Why don't you adjust your breath quickly?" The big fellow surnamed Zhou turned to look at Hu Bailing, his eyes full of gratitude, and slowly closed his eyes and breathed. Qiu, who was sitting upright, suddenly stood up and looked at Zhang Jingan and shouted, "Are you hurt by the old monk, too?" "No," said Chang Ching-an. "The disciple was hurt.." "Under the door of Wudang," he said in a harsh voice. Zhang Jingan stammered, "No, I was hurt by Elder Martial Brother Hu's'Star Finger '." Qiu Qiu frowned, looked back at Hu Bailing, and kept silent. Hu Po-ling, however, had no feelings of panic. He spoke with fervor and assurance, saying, "Martial Uncle, calm down. Younger Martial Brother is really hurt by my'Star Finger '. But as the leader of the alliance, I can't be partial to my personal friendship and lose the hearts of the people, so I fought with Younger Martial Brother." Kui Qiuwei nodded and said, "There is some truth in that." Hu Po-ling smiled indifferently and said, "Younger Martial Brother has improved a lot in his martial arts, forcing my disciple to use the'Star Finger 'skill to win. Martial Uncle must know that after the'Star Finger' skill is hit, it is very difficult to take back control in time. Besides, my disciple's skill is only 40%, and it is even more difficult to stop the offensive in time, so that he hurt Younger Martial Brother.". ” Kui Qiu smiled and said, "Tianxing Finger Skill is one of your master's unique skills. Naturally, your younger martial brother can hardly resist it." Hu Po-ling said, "After I hurt the Younger Martial Brother, I felt very uneasy. I felt especially ashamed of my Martial Uncle." Kui Qiu said with a smile, "The matter has passed. You don't have to take it to heart any more. Besides, I can't blame you for what happened at that time. As the leader of the Green Forest Alliance, your subordinates have been hurt. Naturally, you can't sit idly by." Hu Po-ling bowed deeply and said, "Martial Uncle is as big as the sea. I'm very grateful." He looked back at Zhang Jingan and said, "You should adjust your breath by your own luck for the time being." Then he turned to Hu Po-ling and said, "Have you seen my letter?" "Yes," said Hu Po-ling. "Have you ever announced this to your subordinates?" He asked. "I haven't seen Martial Uncle yet, so I haven't announced it to my subordinates," said Hu Po-ling. "You've come at the right time," he said with a smile. "We're ready to start." For a moment, Hu Bailing could not think of the right words to reply, so he smiled and kept silent. Kui Qiu paused for a moment and then said, "I haven't walked in Jianghu for a long time. I don't know what kind of people there are in the contemporary Greenwood. Since you have won the world's leader of the Greenwood Alliance, can you use it freely?" Hu Po-ling said, "Although I was lucky enough to win the position of leader of the Green Forest Alliance, the time was very short, and it was still difficult for me to use my subordinates freely." "You must have some of your trusted subordinates," he said with a smile. Hu Po-ling said, "Although there are trusted subordinates, they are few in number." Kui Qiu pondered for a moment and said with a smile, "Let's do this. You should think about it quietly for a while and divide your subordinates into three classes. The first class is listed as tenacious people,Kamado bbq grill, the second class can be transferred, and the third class is listed as confidants.." Hu Po-ling was secretly startled and thought, "This man's means are really extremely vicious!" 。 global-ceramics.com