The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven

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You should think about it quietly for a while and divide your subordinates into three classes. The first class is listed as tenacious people,Kamado bbq grill, the second class can be transferred, and the third class is listed as confidants.." Hu Po-ling was secretly startled and thou

Burning Sutra Lotus, this is the name on the Xuanxuan continent, on the earth, as long as it is more than 200 years of burning Sutra Lotus, it will have one more name-Heaven and Earth Bridge! This can be transformed into all the martial arts dream of things, as long as the use of special methods to remove toxicity after taking this, you can instantly open the depression meridians, through the bridge of heaven and earth, enough to improve the martial arts practitioners more than 20 years of skill! As for the five-hundred-year-old burnt sutra lotus, it is the best of the best. With it, the hope that you have no intention of recovering is more than 90%! This is only Jun Moye's conservative estimate! Jun Moye's words and the words of the old man in purple robes on the stage ended together, and Fatty Tang's voice suddenly rang: "I'll pay three hundred thousand taels!" As soon as this voice came out, the corners of everyone's mouth in the huge hall twitched: This prodigal thing jumped out again. Although this product only increased by 100,000 taels this time, it was also ten times higher than the price increase of 10,000 taels each time! But don't argue with him. If you raise the price and don't want it, and hit yourself in the hand,10g Ozone Generator, there will be no place to cry. Didn't you see the son of the Meng family vomit blood on the spot? As a result, after Tang Fatty's exit, the whole audience was cold in an instant! No one answered for a long time. To tell the truth, the old man in purple robe was a little dumbfounded at the moment. Could it be that at least 800,000 taels of burnt sutra lotus could be sold, and that 300,000 taels could not be sold like this? But this is the rule of Sheng Baotang. After a pause,7g Ozone Generator, the old man raised the hammer again and said in a deep voice, "Mr. Tang has offered 300,000 taels. Is there anything higher?" After a pause, he said, "Three hundred thousand taels, the first time.." "Three hundred thousand taels, the second time." Suddenly a hoarse voice mercilessly way: "Lao Tzu three million two!" " It was none other than Li Zhen who paid the sky-high price. When Tang yuan saw that he had succeeded, he was stabbed by Li Zhen. He was furious. He jumped to the door of the box and shouted, "Spicy next door!"! Still dare to argue with Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu pays five hundred. Suddenly his mouth was covered, but it was Jun Moye. Although this sentence was not finished, it still made all the people in the hall break out in a cold sweat. Everyone could guess that the fat man was going to shout "five million taels!" Crazy! The fat man must be crazy! Jun Moye wrung his neck and walked out. His face was still sick, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic Band Heater, and his domineering attitude was obvious. As soon as he picked up his robe, he stepped on the railing outside the box with a "poof" sound. He took off his hat and held it in his hand. The front of his robe was slanting open, and his eyes were askew. He shouted in a foul voice: "Li Zhen! You son of a bitch! Did you just bid? Do you want to die?! "What are you going to do with Ben Shao?"? This is an auction house. If you can make a bid, can't I? Did you bite me?! Li Zhen was so angry that he jumped out of the Nine Heavens without thinking. It was also an evil appearance. What am I going to do? Bah! Jun Moye interpreted the appearance of a dissolute son and a prodigal son incisively and vividly. His mouth was crooked and his eyes were slanting. He shouted at the top of his voice: "***, with the pocket you just emptied, can you still take out three million taels of silver?"? Li, it's not that I look down on you! Why don't you give me three million taels now? As long as you take it out, the grass is yours! If you can't take it out, ***, I'd like to ask, what are you two doing to embarrass the fat man again and again? You have a grudge against the Tang family?! Or do you have a grudge against Don?! On the opposite side, Dugu Xiaoyi smiled like a flower and giggled, "Look at this guy like this. It's really annoying!"! A good black lotus flower was said to be a grass by him. Really no insight, Hee Hee. Princess Reimu next to her looked at her in surprise and reached out to touch her forehead: "This sister is not a fever today, right?"? A moment ago or a pair of preoccupied, look, how to change a person immediately now? In the past few days, the Dugu family made a lot of trouble for Dugu Xiaoyi. Because the little aunt suddenly changed these days, the original cheerful and lively personality disappeared inexplicably, tears at every turn, and then a person sitting in a daze, do not eat more often; this makes the invincible general Dugu heartache, but he and several wives took turns to fight, also can not ask what to do, can only watch his daughter thin down day by day; The invincible Dugu could not be beaten or scolded. He was so depressed that he had to catch several sons and nephews and beat them up. Lady Dugu had a way to invite Princess Reimu to accompany Dugu Xiaoyi, which improved slightly. A few days ago received the auction notice of Sheng Baotang, then rushed two people to relax, Dugu Xiaoyi is also very reluctant, helpless to come out, which know that a moment here actually what problem is gone! How can it not be amazing? Is there another panacea in Shengbaotang?! Li Zhen and others looked at each other, they don't say three million taels now, a few people together can scrape together one hundred thousand taels is good, there can also scrape together three million taels such a large sum of money, can not help but look embarrassed. A bunch of poor people! I really don't want to talk to you. Jun Moye snorted disdainfully and patted his buttocks: "I put a fart is more valuable than what you said!"! What is it? What kind of maggot with a big tail is there without silver? Said arrogantly facing the public, Jun Moye a pair is not my money to spend the appearance of not distressed: "Who else wants?"? Don't mention it, come on. He snapped his fingers and said, "It's only a few million taels of silver." The crowd turned their heads and turned a deaf ear. Think of it as a fart. Millions of taels for a herb? Think of it as the immortal grass that can live to death! A normal person would do such a stupid thing! I don't know where the two huge mental pressure from suddenly pressed towards Jun Moye. Jun Moye's face turned white, his mind turned, and he shivered smartly. He scolded, "It's really a ghost weather. Why is it so cold?" Two mental pressures circled around him,Ceramic Bobbin, found nothing unusual, and disappeared in an instant. Jun Moye sneered twice in his heart. If he was really tested by you, he wouldn't have to go to Jianghu. Chapter 94 twists and turns.