Xiu Shen Lu Jiu Tian Long Teng

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After saying that, she turned her head, and the colorful cloud boat suddenly sank, but dived under the sea. Dozens of maids worked on the cloud boat, congealing the true yuan, supporting the colorful halo around the cloud boat, and blocking the dark sea water in the deep blue. So sinking m

"Ha ha ha ha, all ready, I brought this time are the magic door, the strength is above the separation period, no matter what tricks they play, we are not afraid." Chu Yifei smiled confidently and said, "The Minggu Sect is Xinxin's contact, and there should be no problem." That's good! I'm going to talk to the Zen Sect and the Guanghan Sect later. It shouldn't be a big problem. At least it won't be hostile to us. The rest is to deal with all changes with no change. Yang Wuxin also has a relaxed face. Because the rest places of Fengyun Family and Demon Gate are linked together, the connection between them is much more convenient. After Lin Zuo and Lin You had arranged all the matters, they also came to greet the people of the Fengyun Family. And Fengyun Piaopiao that little girl is like a fish in water, has long been very curious about the magic door, she finally got the opportunity, she caught Lin you asked this and that, Lin you asked is a wry smile again and again. Finally, it was Chu Suiyuan who saved Lin You, and he pulled the wind and cloud to Gu Xinxin. Mother,lamella clarifer, this is Piaopiao! Chu Suiyuan introduced them, "Piaopiao, this is my mother!" "Hello, aunt, I am Fengyun Piaopiao." Feng Yunpiao saluted Gu Xinxin very sensibly. Piao Piao, you're welcome. Come and sit next to Auntie. As soon as Gu Xinxin saw the wind and clouds floating, he felt like it,MBR reactor, and in his heart he could not help praising his son for his vision. Fengyun Piaopiao sat cleverly next to Gu Xinxin and chatted with Gu Xinxin. Chu Suiyuan was worried that they had nothing to say, but now he knew that his worries were unnecessary. After a while, he found that he was superfluous, because he could not get a word in. But Gu Xinxin and Fengyun Piaopiao were in high spirits, chatting as if no one was watching, leaving Chu Suiyuan aside. Chu Suiyuan could only shake his head with a wry smile and wait quietly for the two of them. At this time, on the platform of Yingri Peak, thousands of practitioners have gathered. Near the Royal Sword Gate and the Fire Spirit Sect, there are already full seats, and there are many open spaces around the Demon Gate and the Wind and Cloud Family, presumably no one is willing to approach the Demon Gate. As soon as Gu Zheng appeared with the Minggu School, lamella clarifer ,wall penstocks, he received a message from Yang Wuxin. As a result, the Minggu Sect was stationed next to the other side of the Fengyun Family. Soon, Gu Zheng and the main members of the Minggu School came to the residence of the Fengyun Family. They met without some politeness and greetings, and then they sat together and studied. Gu Zheng brought a more reliable news, that is, the Qingyun Sect is going to set up a Xiuzhen Alliance through this conference, bringing all the sects and casual practitioners in the Xiuzhen Realm into this alliance. It seems that the appetite of Qingyun School is not small! After the establishment of the Xiuzhen Alliance, their leader Liang Zihan is bound to be a popular candidate for the leader of the alliance. After hearing this, Lan Yepeng expressed his views. Maybe they already have the victory in hand? Chu Yifei said with a sneer. Brother Gu, is this news reliable? Yang Wuxin did not rush to express his views, but confirmed the source of the news to Gu Zheng. Brother Yang, please rest assured that the information is absolutely reliable. Gu Zheng nodded his head seriously. Is the Qingyun faction so sure? Will everyone agree to form a true alliance? I asked in reply. I do not understand this, the specific things can only wait until after the start of the conference, Liang Zihan himself said. Gu Zheng's words seemed somewhat helpless. You don't have to worry too much, we still follow the original plan, when the time comes to improvise. Seeing that everyone was silent, Yang Wuxin smiled and comforted everyone. Just then, there was a commotion on the platform. Everyone looked up and found that the three sects of Zen, Guanghan Palace and Xuanmu Door arrived at the same time. Moreover, Yang Wuxin saw the three leaders of Liu Yuechan, Gao Yuehan and Sun Yueying in the Guanghan Palace Array at a glance, and then he unexpectedly saw Tan Qing and Miao Xuelan. After discovering Qinglan Shuangxian, Yang Wuxin was very happy, and he immediately sent a message to Tan Qing. After Tan Qing received Yang Wuxin's voice, they were also full of joy, and immediately took the disciples of the Guanghan Palace to the side of the Minggu School. Through the voice, Yang Wuxin told all the information he knew to the leaders of the Guanghan Palace, such as Qinglan Shuangxian and Liu Yuechan. Then, Tan Qingchuanyin came back and told Yang Wuxin not to be too close first, and everything was connected by Chuanyin. Only in this way can they create a false appearance for their opponents in the dark, and then they will be caught off guard. Yang Wuxin immediately took the hint and conveyed Tan Qing's meaning to the people around him. Everyone expressed admiration for Tan Qing's foresight, and each returned to his own station, at any time to contact with the voice. After arranging everyone, Yang Wuxin heard the voice of Master yuan: "Xin'er, I have reported the situation of the'Blood Spirit 'to the Headmaster. The Headmaster hopes to talk with you. It's better to form an alliance. What do you think?" "Where are you, Grandpa Monk?" Yang Wuxin replied with a voice. He had wanted to talk to Zen people for a long time, but he didn't expect the opportunity to come so soon. According to Master yuan's instructions, Yang Wuxin came to the residence of Zen Buddhism. Because Yang Wuxin is not famous in the realm of cultivation,fine bubble diffuser, no one will notice him at all. In order to advance and retreat together after the alliance, the station chosen by Zen Buddhism is not very far away, just near the Guanghan Palace. khnwatertreatment.com