Family education, blue sky and white clouds

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You should think about it quietly for a while and divide your subordinates into three classes. The first class is listed as tenacious people,Kamado bbq grill, the second class can be transferred, and the third class is listed as confidants.." Hu Po-ling was secretly startled and thou

"Eat as soon as you come back." Gang is not just a black line this time. Wow! Ha ha ha! "Brother Gang, are you all right?!" Rambo and Feng Tai ran up to Gang with a mouth full of alcohol. "I've been worried about you all the time." A Gang took the bottle in Feng Tai's hand: "Isn't this Japanese wine?!" "No, uncle said it was water and told us to drink it too." Hiccup. He walked out of the corner. Even Yiping is drunk! Gang rushed to the room and saw a man lying in the room, surrounded by snacks, wine bottles and sundries. This ridiculous picture of sleeping. This silly face. "" Nai Nai.. Cried the sleeping man. It must be my dad! A Gang has a tendency to petrify. Wimpy Dad is back. The house is going to be a mess. A Gang is now like being hit in the head by Reborn with a 100 t hammer, and even the road is staggering. Reborn looked at the sleeping Sawada Iemitsu. "Are you back, Sawada Iemitsu?". You give half of the Pengley ring to your son at this time. Something big must have happened over there. When a Gang returned to his room, he saw Lin sleeping soundly in his own bed. She also had a bottle of wine at hand. Why did she fall asleep in my room?! And this time I didn't even see the rib difference! Gang had no choice but to wake up Lin. Um. Gang, why are you here? Lin is bleary-eyed. This is my room. Of course I'm here! The question should be Lin, why are you here?! A Gang Tucao. ……” "Lin rubbed his eyes as if he hadn't woken up yet." ……” Gang has nothing to say. Oh I came to see my uncle on the way, and then I drank a few bottles of wine on the way, and then I went to your room and slept here on the way. Before he had finished speaking, Lin was in a hurry to get himself off: "This is all directed by my uncle, and it has nothing to do with me." Lin rushed out of a Gang's room with a rib in his arms. No wonder I didn't see her ribs. Did she press under her body? (p.s. Good boy. Don't get the wrong idea. 。) All right, let's go back to Lin's perspective. Lin ran home, but when he got to the door,ceramic bobbin element, he felt that he had nothing to do when he went back. It's so boring-by the way, go to school, that guy should be there! Thinking of a good idea, Lin ran to the school with ribs in his arms. When we got to the roof, it was here. Hey ~ Skylark Gong Mi ~ I came to play with you ~ "Lin hugged the ribs and pounced on the skylark.". The lark dodged the attack. What are you doing The skylark and the phoenix swept their eyes and their tone was very cold. Take your little kidney bean stew to drink. I like kidney bean (soup) very much. "Lin pulled out his ribs and stabbed the skylark with a knife.". The lark's kidnapper had already made a move, and with a clang, a spark came out between the two cold weapons. It's a close match. It was time for Lin to pull out the knife from the attack, twist his foot, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and take a few steps closer to the skylark. The knife struck the skylark vertically. The skylark took a crutch to block it. Another kidnapper hit Lin. Lin bowed and dodged the attack, then dodged and went around behind the skylark. He used his usual trick of kicking his opponent's knee joint and stabbing him with a knife when his center of gravity was unbalanced. But the cloud reacted quickly, just moved a step to find the center of gravity, the kidnapper hit back, just hit the blade, so that the knife deviated from the original track. It was also at this time that Lin revealed a large gap. The lark turned, and the kidnapper drew toward the forest. When he was only one centimeter away from Lin, the kidnapper stopped. The skylark puts away the kidnapper, raises the corner of the mouth, smiles enchanting (with this word good...) : "I won this time." Lin, who had been prepared to take the blow, relaxed and stood up: "You won't win next time." "Wait and see." The lark lay down and looked at the sky. Lin also sat down beside the skylark, looked at the sky like the skylark, and fell asleep unconsciously. The skylark took one look at the sleeping Lin and got up to leave. But after a few steps, he returned and put his coat on Lin. ———— It was nearly dusk when Lin woke up. When I got up, I found a dress on my body. Black. Lin thought, whose black dress would it be. It looks familiar. Oh, isn't this the one that has been draped on Chairman Feng Ji all the time? Give it back to him next time. Lin picked up his clothes and ribs and went home. Day 2 — — — A Gang rushed to the hospital. Open the door: "Is Dinossan in..?" I didn't see Dino, but I saw that it was indeed the prison temple and Yamamoto. I'm sorry You helped me yesterday. Gang felt a little guilty. Where, where. The prison temple did not know how to answer, and Yamamoto looked away. By the way, a strange thing happened to me. This came in the mail. Yamamoto took out half a ring. I think it might have something to do with that guy yesterday, and I heard that the vault lived here. The prison temple also took out half a ring. Ah, is that-!! "What's the matter? Do you know, Gang?" Yamamoto asked. Sure enough, you also have ten generations of eyes! "Why are the prison temple and Yamamoto also." "Because they were chosen." Dino, come out and answer. There are seven Pengley rings,alumina c799, and it only makes sense if each of the seven family members wears one. Reborn said. ?!” "In addition to you, the six rings have been sent to the six players who are most suitable to be the guardian of Sawada Tsunayoshi, the next leader of the Pengley family." What?! Someone else got a ring besides me?! "That's right.". Because it's a Pengley family tradition. "Ten generations of eyes!"! What an honor! I'm getting nervous all over! The prison temple has a proud face.