Star Ring _ 2

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The first speaker was a tall black man, with a white sè shirt and a black sè siku with braces, a purple sè tie around his neck,stainless steel tile edge trim, a beard on his face, and only a clump of hair on his head was dyed white. This dress is still very much like the sergeant of a p

The fire dance saw the young man out of the way, apologetically smiled at Lin Tian, with Lin Tian continue to walk forward, although they are walking, but in fact the speed is not slow, before long, has been to a magnificent palace, standing in front of the palace, Lin Tian is a bit small feeling. , Chapter 0214 the lower world, the order of the Phoenix! On each side of the front of the palace stood a huge stone pillar as high as 100 meters. There were two vigorous characters on each of the two huge stone pillars. If you didn't ask the waiter, Lin Tian didn't know what the two ancient characters were. After asking the waiter, he knew that they were popular characters in the divine world a long time ago. Translated, they were "Wuji". Wuji, it should be the meaning of taking Tao without limit. Lin Tian thought to himself. Lord Lin Tian, Lord Shengzun is in the temple. Please come in. The Fire Dance Road. Lin Tian nodded slightly and walked slowly toward the gate of the Promise Hall. Lin Tian was careful, but when he entered the temple, there was nothing unusual. Senior Xing Tian! Lin Tian spoke. Lin Tian, I didn't think you had the courage to come to my rosefinch city! Xing Tian's voice sounded in Lin Tian's ear, Lin Tian suddenly turned around, Xing Tian did not know when he had arrived at his side. Lin Tian secretly felt nervous in his heart, and sure enough, the deity was the deity and appeared beside him, but he had no feeling at all, and his keen perception seemed to have left him at this time. Xing Tian elder,aluminum tile trim, the younger generation does not understand the meaning of the elder. Lin Tian steeled himself and said that the appearance of Xing Tian was exactly the same as what he had seen in the demon world, but the same appearance gave people a completely different feeling. One was just a God emperor, while the other was a high God. Even if Xing Tian did not reveal the momentum of his own God level, he could also give people great oppression with the word "God". If it were someone else, I'm afraid I would have knelt on the ground long ago! "Heart lock, good means." Xing Tiandao, "Lin Tian, what do you think I should do?"? To imprison you forever? Or strip your soul out? When Lin Tian saw Xing Tian saying this, he was not afraid. He was afraid of a bird. Xing Tian did not dare to kill him,tile trim manufacturers, but imprisoned him forever or stripped his soul. This, that also required Hong Hong's consent. With this in mind, Lin Tian smiled faintly and said, "Senior Xing Tian, I don't think you will do such a thing." "Oh, you seem to have a lot of confidence in yourself." Xing Tian's face was expressionless. No, I just have a little confidence in a brother I made. As for myself, to be honest, with my little cultivation now, you can press me to death with one finger. Lin Tian frankly said, "Xing Tian senior, I think you also know what I came here for, but also hope Xing Tian senior for a convenience." Perhaps I should have let you do it. If I'm not mistaken, the heart lock can be unlocked. Xing Tian sighed, "I've practiced reincarnation for so many times, but I didn't expect that this time there would be such an accident." "This-" Lin Tian hesitated, the heart lock can be untied naturally, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminum tile edge trim, but if untied, then if Xing Tian deals with him? And even if Xing Tian doesn't deal with him, isn't it also missing a god-level bodyguard? By this time, Lin Tian was completely sure that he had always had a god-level bodyguard around him, not for anything else, because he believed that Xing Tian was definitely not a person who would make fun of his own life. Elder Xing Tian. "Call me Xing Tian directly, senior two words, how to listen to how ironic." Xing Tiandao. That's good Lin Tiandao, even the sage Honghong is a brother, directly called the name of the God Xing Tian for Lin Tian that is not any psychological barrier. Xing Tian, to be honest, for the sake of my life, I don't want to help you unlock the heart lock now, but if you want to enter the holy world, before entering the holy world, I will help you unlock the heart lock, I don't know what you think? Lin Tiandao. "I can promise not to attack you, at the same time, if you need a strong bodyguard, I can also provide, in addition, you have the right to go down at any time in the future!" Xing Tian said in a deep voice, "Lin Tian, I want you to know that I am a god-level master anyway. If I am always controlled by your heart lock, I will feel very sad." "This-" Lin Tian hesitated again, if he refused, it is very likely that Xing Tian would not agree to let him go down, and he did not have the strength to let Xing Tian agree to let him go down, as for Honghong there, it is impossible because Xing Tian did not agree to allow him to go down on Xing Tian, after all, Xing Tian no matter how to say, is also a God level master, the hope of becoming a saint is still there. If they become saints, they can also enhance the strength of the eighty-eighth God plane. Although the sage is overbearing, but it is not unreasonable, it is impossible to help Lin Tian come forward to kill Xing Tian for such a reason, and if you want Honghong to come forward, it seems that it is not a face-saving thing. Xing Tian, how can I believe that you won't do anything to me? Lin Tiandao. Lin Tian, you have no confidence in yourself, do you have no confidence in the existence behind you? Even if you give me ten courage, I won't dare to attack you. Besides, it's a coincidence, and I can't blame it all on you. Xing Tiandao. Well, I believe that, the powerful bodyguard you said. Lin Tiandao. Uncle Ching, please show yourself. Xing Tiandao. Not far from Lin Tian's side, the figure of the green cracked sky slowly appeared. Lin Tian. The green cracked sky smiled at Lin Tian. You, I feel like I've seen you, but I can't remember where I've seen you. Lin Tian said doubtfully, "Waiter, you judge." "Master, there is a seventy-seven percent chance that he is the wood you called before." Waiter Road. Lin Tian moved in his heart and looked at the blue sky carefully. Sure enough, the more he looked at it,tile trim factory, the more he felt like it! Wood, it turns out that you are a master of God. Lin Tian exhaled lightly, "It's ridiculous that I thought you couldn't beat those little wolves who wanted to save you." 。