Human world _ Cai Jun

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What is more terrible is that all we know about him is the word "enemy"! The enemy is in the dark, I am in the light,warehouse pallet racks, how can not be dangerous? And, based on Sodom's choices so far, I'm 99% sure that it was this enemy that killed Monica last y

The car was parked on the dark embankment, and I had told the bodyguards in advance to disperse and not to get closer to me for more than 100 meters. I walked down the dam with my eyes, raised my flashlight and walked down the flat beach. I couldn't see anything except the lights of the airport in the distance. My ears are filled with the sound of the sea, surging from the distant Pacific Ocean, crossing the first island chain and approaching the mouth of the Yangtze River, merging with the muddy river, but being defeated by human beings year by year and retreating, leaving only the desolate scene of sea and sky, I don't know when and when will I go all out to retaliate against human beings? Qiubo and I closed our eyes. Our eyes were ornaments here. Only our ears and nose were swimming. She was more sensitive than me and could clearly distinguish the smell of the sea. There is also the complete scale of the waves in the distance, and even the sound of small crabs spitting bubbles at their feet. The salty sea breeze in the early morning, like tears when sad, touches every inch of skin on the face and penetrates into the open capillaries. I was afraid that she would catch cold in her skirt, so I took off my coat and put it on her shoulder, but I didn't dare to reach out and embrace her. If you want to cry, cry out to the sea. In fact, I was the first to shed tears. She was finally deeply moved and sent out a magnetic voice only in the radio station, which seemed to be a song from the high-altitude radio waves: "Listen, the voice of the sea crying, sighing who has been hurt again, but is still not sober.". Must not be me, at least I am calm, but tears, even tears,drive in racking system, do not believe. Listen to the sound of the sea crying. This sea is too sentimental, weeping until dawn. Write a letter to me, as the final agreement, say how you feel when you leave me. Finally, I couldn't help grabbing her hand, and after the initial fierce resistance, she touched my face meekly. Cold fingers, with the salty taste of the sea breeze, ran across my forehead and nose,push back racking system, across my cheeks and chin, and electricity came from all sides to stimulate my lonely heart. Let me guess what you look like! She smiled and leaned against my ear. "Well, your nose is very upright, your eyes are not big or small, and your lips are not bad. You should be very good-looking." I'm embarrassed by the answer. I never think I look good. She probably had a crush on me tonight, so she gave herself a psychological hint, right? "No, I am an ugly monster," I answered in a panic. "Cut, you lied to me!"! Bad thing! As she spoke, she gradually leaned against me, and the smell of the sea was no longer in her breath, but was replaced by her smell. In an instant, I felt like I was in love with her. But suddenly the heart is like a knife! It was so painful that I could hardly stand, and I wanted to be crushed to pieces. Another woman's face, Monica, shuttle rack system ,asrs warehouse, appeared in the darkness. I rubbed my eyes again, but it was the outline of the eyes in the shadow. Maybe these two women are the same person to me. One of them has already turned into a ghost, and in just over half a year, the vows of eternal love have become so fast? Maybe men are more fickle than women. I'm sorry, Monica. I'm also sorry, Duanmu Qiubo. I stepped back painfully and took her hand back to the levee. The pre-dawn sea breeze ruffled my hair and my fragile heart. But there is one thing I have made up my mind. Something had to be done for the eyes — no matter how things went with her, no matter whether I felt guilty about Monica or not, no matter whether the eyes drew out her brother and grandfather or not, I had to save her. At that time, she lost her light in order to save high energy. If the teenager's high energy was burned to death, it would not have my face now, nor would it have the high energy of the big boss of Sky Group. Just as the ancient hero saved her more than ten years ago, I will save her again, repay her for saving her life, the two letters he wrote in prison, and the warmth she gave me at this moment. Do everything you can to give her back her light! Qiubo put on my coat and shivered: "Thank you for taking me to listen to the sea!"! I think I can go home. May 2010. Red May. A few kilometers below the porthole is the yellow earth of drought and extreme heat-the legendary tropical grassland in the dry season, covered with withered and yellow shrubs, with thousands of miles of bare land as far as the eye can see, and groups of African wild elephants can be discerned faintly, which look like ants moving from high altitude. I sat nervously by the porthole of Sky Group's official plane, which took off from China ten hours ago and went directly to the Republic of Sodom, East Africa, without stopping anywhere. Three days ago, a big news came from Wall Street, which quickly shocked the global financial community. The Sodom oil project in Africa was about to invest with an investment company in the British Virgin Islands. A month ago, the company was registered last year. It has a special and mysterious name: matrix, which means "matrix". If you are familiar with American movies, You will know that this is also the title of the Matrix. The company, named after the Matrix movie, has defeated many powerful competitors, including Sky Group, which has been coveted for many years, as well as ExxonMobil, Shell Oil Group, Chevron Group and Total Oil Company. Even a rising star like PetroChina. But no one knows the background of this matrix company, even the names of the CEO and the legal representative are not clear, even if there are pseudonyms or puppets, but there is no doubt that this company has strong strength, mysterious and powerful background, otherwise how can those famous old empires be defeated? Only I know their true colors, no need for fancy names, only two words in my eyes-the enemy! Yes, this is the so-called investment company, which appeared under other names last year, attacked several key projects of Sky Group, stirred up trouble in the financial market, pressed the group step by step, and caused us tens of billions of dollars in heavy losses. It can be said that the sky group is reduced to today, in such a dangerous place, more than half of the "credit" to this rival. What is more terrible is that all we know about him is the word "enemy"! The enemy is in the dark, I am in the light,warehouse pallet racks, how can not be dangerous? And, based on Sodom's choices so far, I'm 99% sure that it was this enemy that killed Monica last year!.