Little bookworm takes the imperial examination

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What is more terrible is that all we know about him is the word "enemy"! The enemy is in the dark, I am in the light,warehouse pallet racks, how can not be dangerous? And, based on Sodom's choices so far, I'm 99% sure that it was this enemy that killed Monica last y

High-spirited young Juren, Xue Mingliang, these days the mood is very good, no one in the exam to their own jinx of luck, Xue Mingliang feel that he is still a genius. Young master, let's hurry to the study to buy ink! Xue Jia hurried to think of a way. Hmm? Xue Mingliang was stunned. "Is the ink gone?" Xue Jia repeatedly nodded: "Yes, young master, no, you forgot, last night or I broke the last bit of ink!" " Afraid that his own young master would make a mistake, Xue Jia made a little trouble for himself. Xue Mingliang was angry: "I said I would bring the servant girl. You see, you are wasting ink and clumsy. Go, go. You can't miss the exam because of ink!" Originally wanted to find Xue Mingliang to say well under the crowd, looked at Xue Mingliang fired an empty cannon, the person walked away. For Juren, ten years of hard work, not involved in the dust, the past honor and disgrace is not enough to praise, the so-called once famous world know, will try because of the return of Fengcheng and some changes,wire mesh decking, it is really difficult for most people to accept in a short time. In the fourth watch, there was movement in Xie Jinxiu's bedroom. Xie Jiayun hurriedly got up to wait on him. These two days, Xie Jiayun and Xie Jiafeng took turns to keep vigil, just to prepare for Xie Jinxiu's final sprint. Uncle, why are you getting up? Xie Jiayun lit the candle with flint, went to the room to hold the lamp for Xie Jinxiu, and then greeted Xie Jinxiu, who was sitting on the edge of the bed to wake up. I didn't sleep very well,warehousing storage solutions, as if I had a nightmare, so I got up! When Xie Jinxiu finished, he remembered that Xie Jiayun was in Huangzhuang yesterday, and that he had changed his post with Xie Jiafeng again. You and Jiafeng should do a good job in Huangzhuang. I have nothing to do here. Besides, there are servants in the Academy! Xie Jinxiu took over the coat and put it on. But Xie Jiayun smiled and said, "I followed my uncle all the way to take the exam. If I don't follow him, my heart will be empty. The last provincial exam made my nephew wait for the letter." After listening to what Xie Jiayun said, Xie Jinxiu shook his head and smiled. His current examination involves hundreds of people from the Xie family. They can't help but not attach importance to it. They are even more nervous than themselves. I'll read by myself, and you go to sleep for a while. Xie Jinxiu let Xie Jiayun go away, he also wanted to copy some scriptures quietly, after all, the dream of the scene, let Xie Jinxiu heart some uneasy. Xie Jiayun also just thought that Xie Jinxiu was thinking about the meeting, so he wanted to read quietly, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, he naturally answered, but it was impossible to go back to sleep, he needed to prepare warm water for Xie Jinxiu and prepare breakfast. And the people of Yang Xuefu looked at the lights in Xie Jinxiu's courtyard, and several courtyards also lit up. The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw [mine]: Shen Xiangchu 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Mozhi Inkstone 1 bottle; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! The URL has been changed, the URL has been changed, and everyone collects it again. Chapter 128 Autumn rain season, the capital is very easy to be cold, this season for the test, is not very good, will let the carelessness will be sick. As the examinee and his family, the preparation work is a tense and meticulous work. The experience of previous years can not be used this year. Two exams in four days and continuous exams are also a test for the examinees. On September 1, in the fourth watch, Xie Jiafeng and Xie Jiayun were busy ahead of schedule. Xie Jiafeng took the flint and lit the lamp. He followed Xie Jiayun to check the examination basket prepared for Xie Jinxiu. Yesterday, after the examination basket had been checked by Hu Shuiming and Yang Mingxue, he added some food. The food had to be delivered from the kitchen. Hu Shi said, the exam has half luck, half play, we prepared these materials, ink, should be foolproof! Xie Jiafeng breathed a sigh of relief to ensure that there was nothing missing in the examination basket. Safe and sound? Four days in a row, I don't know if uncle can carry it, and the tarpaulin, if it's not good to get wet in the rain, put the tarpaulin in a conspicuous place! Xie Jiayun put the things in the examination basket again, and then he was relieved. When Xie Jinxiu got up, Xie Jiafeng listened to the noise and sent warm water to Xie Jinxiu to wash. Counting the examination basket again? Looking at Xie Jiayun's unsmiling appearance, Xie Jinxiu shook his head. He had already backed up the things in the examination basket in the library. Even if there were any problems, he could change them calmly. But Xie Jiayun didn't know that they had broken their hearts for this examination basket. Uncle, the cloak and oilcloth are ready, even if it rains, you are not afraid! Xie Jiayun took advantage of Xie Jinxiu's washing time and chattered like a Mammy. Knowing that they were nervous, Xie Jinxiu let them chatter, thinking that they would be nervous again when Hu Shui-ming was waiting for them. Xie JinXiu had some doubts about whether the exam was for himself or for others. Well, I wrote it down. The teahouse box in front of the Gongyuan will be fixed. Xie Jinxiu knew that he had taken the exam, and it was estimated that several people would accompany him. In order to avoid borrowing other people's boxes like last time, this time Xie Jinxiu decided ahead of time. It's already settled, but the shopkeeper's black heart asked for six taels of silver a day, twice as much as the usual box fee! Xie Jiafeng is somewhat indignant. Xie Jinxiu laughed: "It's normal for businessmen to pursue interests!" "Uncle, but I'm up. My nephew has come to pay his respects to Uncle." The voice of Xie Jiale came from the outer room. Listening to this, Xie Jinxiu wanted to cover his face and take a test himself. The whole staff said, "Jiale, come in!"! Didn't I ask you to sleep a little longer? Someone here will send me to Gongyuan! Xie Jinxiu gently and Xie Jiale said, now this Xie parents Sun has slowly had the appearance of a small adult, looking at some gentle little appearance. Uncle took the exam,shuttle rack system, and my nephew couldn't sleep. Xie Jiale touched his forehead, smiling a little shy on his face, and his heart was full of thoughts.