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What is more terrible is that all we know about him is the word "enemy"! The enemy is in the dark, I am in the light,warehouse pallet racks, how can not be dangerous? And, based on Sodom's choices so far, I'm 99% sure that it was this enemy that killed Monica last y

Snail in the heart Tucao thought, turned to see the crow face half is confused, the other half is the face of unnatural convulsions, obviously, is also thought of what common. The result of things laughing. Lord Zilai? Ningji opened his mouth. Have you been here before? Why "To tell you the truth, it's my first time here." Zilai also shook his head, although there are a lot of beautiful women. But it's still creepy to be full of women all of a sudden. "Well, but the women didn't do anything strange when they saw us. It seems that there are still some men, probably because there is something inside, so we didn't see it." Right. Naruto seemed to be infected with some gloomy atmosphere, scratching his head and laughing. Sasuke took a seemingly inadvertent step and stood to Naruto's left. Two people stand side by side. Anyway, let's stay in the hotel first. Everyone's body and mind are very tired. "Shikamaru is not a year to dislike the expression of trouble, see a hotel next to the proposal." Yeah, that's right. Don't think about it. We'll stay overnight, buy supplies and leave tomorrow. Don't stay too long, fear of change. The crow went into the inn first. Boss, stay at the hotel. This is a quaint hotel. The leisurely breeze. Under the window lattice, there are bamboo wind chimes ringing, and you can see the deep courtyard on one side. The yard is full of cherry blossoms and red maples. And. The hotel was empty. Boss ~ ~ "Naruto roared loudly,heavy duty metal racks, running around and looking around." What? There is no one. The snail sat down on the stool, pouting and looking around. Ear, it seems that all of a sudden only the sound of wind chimes, obviously there is no wind, but so the ringing of the bell does not stop. And Ningji's eyes opened little by little. Just as they were about to leave. Ningji suddenly turned around. The dagger of the crow was unsheathed at the same time, Sasuke and Naruto were leaning left and right, and Zilai was still wearing a lazy expression,industrial racking systems, but his hand was slightly marked. Everything, fall into A delicate but hair-trigger atmosphere. Then 14 of the seven pairs of eyes fell on the door that had just been half-closed but was now fully open. Creak. Creak. An old woman came out trembling. Living on crutches, with a kind look and smile, and a gentle and slightly apologetic voice. Ah ha ha, I'm so sorry, everyone, is it a hotel? I was too busy getting things just now to pay attention to you. Please come in. "It's all right." Zilai also waved his hand, and the knot was loosened. So, how many rooms do the guests from afar want? "Seven." "4 rooms" Naruto surprised: "Eh ~ ~ little mommy, what why only 4?"? No money? What do you do about that? Snail: "Ah, stupid, saving money is king.". Naruto: "What is kingcraft?" Snail: "Just like you and Sasuke!!!! Naruto blushed and turned away. Sasuke turned his face away and raised a smile at the corners of his lips. All right, all right, that's it. Ningji and Shikamaru are in the same room. Sasuke, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, you are responsible for taking care of Xiaoming. I am in the same room with the crow. The lecherous immortal is in his own room. You are too threatening. Why should I and Sasuke. Sasuke? Naruto almost jumped up in surprise, but his half-high body was pulled by someone, and then dragged away with the corner of his clothes. The voice also cursed loudly from the original. A little lighter, a little more blurred, and finally a whisper. But Ningji wanted to resist but was pressed in the corner of his mouth, looking at Shikamaru's impatient expression, but still obediently went to his room, contrary to Sasuke. Direction. Ningji looked at the back of Sasuke and Naruto, as if they had something in common, slightly bitter, and walked to Shikamaru. Baa ha ha ha, I am really a genius. Long live, take a bath, take a bath ~ ~ ~ Old mother, is there a hot spring here? The old woman was smiling and silent from the beginning when she checked in the room. When she heard the snail's question, she said with a smile. Yes, we have it in this hotel. You can use it as you like. "Ha ha ~ Crow, go, go.". ” “……” All of a sudden, there was only the old woman left in the outer room of the big hotel. Since she came, she went out to look for materials. After all, the intimate paradise had stopped for a while. The old woman smiled at the door, and in the shadow of the door, a thin boy's figure flashed by. Silence, silence. Except, there are no bamboo wind chimes that ring loudly. [Read the full text of the original works of the www.4yt.net April Day in PDA version] Chapter II Chapter II "Whir.." Quiet night, a person slowly dragging the body, vaguely crawling on the ground, heavy breathing in the silence appears particularly abrupt, and stimulate the tip of the nose, is that thick as if the smell of blood can not be opened. Naruto stared at the blurred figure with his eyes wide open, unable to see whether it was a person or not, but he could be sure that there was absolutely no such thing when he passed here just now. If I had known I would encounter such a strange thing, even if. Even if he was laughed at by Sasuke, he would never come out. Naruto thought angrily, Sasuke that guy is not afraid to be discovered by the little mommy. The exhibitionist.. (Assist:.. Dream: Actually, it should be called nymphomania … … And Xiaoming, who don't know the relationship between you two??! But What on earth is this black thing crawling on the ground? This is a hotel. Why is there such a thing?! And it looks like it's badly hurt, and it smells like blood. Unconsciously covering his nose, Naruto habitually went to the bitter envelope on his trouser leg, and after touching it empty, he remembered that he had run out in his pajamas. The night wind blew the bare skin of Naruto's neck, and a chill ran into Naruto's clothes,warehouse storage racks, which made him tremble all over and pull the collar of his pajamas. When Naruto looked up at the thing again, he froze. The sound of the object dragging is still there. But in front of us, where is the shadow of that thing?! To. Where did you go?. jracking.com