The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

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In the middle of the hole,pallet rack shelving, there is a big round tripod. The tripod is divided into three legs. It is three meters high. Five people embrace each other. Five divine dragons are carved on the wall. The head of the dragon reaches into the tripod, as if drinking water. In

Powers are powerful and arrogant, so their alliance doesn't seem to be going well. Even because of their gimmick, almost every base has formed various alliances, and the whole human society has become a mess. Zi Qing is too lazy to pay attention to these, and it is important to earn the crystal nucleus. The energy needed to nourish Qi in the fourth layer is very huge. At least now, it will take about four or five years for Ziqing to enter the later stage of the fourth layer, in addition to practicing mixed immortality and absorbing two or three primary crystal nuclei every day! But the consolation is that now Ziqing's strength is getting stronger and stronger. Wooden powers, mixed yuan Xian, Yang Qi Jue, and King Kong Fist Gloves, so that she can sweep away zombies or mutant beasts below level six by herself. Even challenge the seven or eight level mutant beast. So, now Ziqing wants to be as low-key as before, it is unrealistic to be found by other powers, either to draw her in or to get rid of her. Now, with the rise of various human gathering places, there is naturally a distinction between strong and weak, good and bad. People with strong strength naturally want to have their own place, or even become the overlord of one side. If there are many strong people,heavy duty metal racking, there must be competition. So when you meet a powerful power, if you can't use it for yourself, you'd rather destroy it! After plastic surgery, Ziqing has no special "symbol", disappeared from the public, and integrated into the world with a new identity. Continue to amass wealth in silence. Two years later, the number of crystal nuclei in the carry-on space reached hundreds of thousands,metal racking systems, which was too terrible. But Ziqing thought of Nini and Lianyunao. It has been ten years since they entered the end of the world. At that time, they were so powerful and cooperated with each other. I wonder how many crystal nuclei they had accumulated? Ziqing thought of his mission this time. Up to now, she has completed the two defining values of the mission counterattack, one is the crystal nucleus, and the other is the leader of a team of more than ten people. As for the last item: Level 3 Zombie Hunter. In fact, with Ziqing's current strength, he has long been a level five or even level six hunter, but if he wants to become a hunter recognized by the power, he must go to the power alliance of the base to register. Ziqing has been wandering among the bases, hiding himself in the corner. So he has never registered his identity information at any base. Now, Ziqing found that she did not seem to have imagined that there would be many people "thinking" about her. Just like the previous life, when you go out for a long time, when you get home, teardrop pallet racking ,metal racking systems, you find that you have a little stain on your body or forget to pull your pants chain, you will be entangled and entangled. In fact, there are not so many people to pay attention to you, or even if you see it, it is not as deep as you imagined.. It's like seeing someone wearing his clothes backwards one day. Two days later, can you remember when and where the other person's appearance and name? A truth. So Ziqing decided that she would register for a mercenary qualification. Although the original owner Yun Xiu's wish I am afraid I can not complete, but somehow can complete the task of the three counterattack conditions, is also a perfect completion of the task. The reward will certainly be more than if only two of the defined values are completed. Thanks to "Li Yishan", "Eclipse of the Dark Moon", "Unreal Mirror" and "Carved Qiong Hollowed-out Ice" for the rice bonus tickets. The chili peppers jumped and jumped. Can it be said that there is a reason to add more chili peppers? Well, there are still tens of thousands of words in the manuscript. Do you want to squeeze them all out? Chapter 129 the plot. Now that we have returned to the Viking base, let's apply for the hunter qualification here. But when she returned to the largest human survivor base, she was surprised. In less than five years, it has changed from a dilapidated gathering place for survivors to a.. A magnificent castle. Like a round spire castle in mythology, it stands on the plain like a huge mushroom. The largest mushroom in the center, like the tower of the sky, holds up a huge defensive shield, enveloping all the mushrooms. This is no longer called the Viking base, but the Human Alliance, Headquarters! In two months, the newly rising organization has integrated the human bases on the whole planet and set up the management points. They provide assistance to other human bases in terms of weapons and training skills! They are like angels given by God to the survivors. Powerful weapons allow them to kill more mutant beasts, make themselves stronger and make their lives better. They only need to buy special weapons and energy stones from the Alliance. Zi Qing wondered, now that everyone has become more powerful, such a powerful weapon, even ordinary people can fight against four or five levels of mutant beasts, why do they come out of the capital of mutant beasts, where the mutant beasts not only did not decrease, but even increased the trend of more? No, it's not right. There must be something fishy in it. Zi Qing also heard a news that made her crazy, the control of this organization is not someone else, but Nini who harmed the original owner and herself! Do you want to be so mysterious! But as soon as Ziqing thought about it, he was relieved. The plot gentleman has always been a very persistent guy, although he tried his best to avoid the enemy (attention). Is a powerful enemy) frontal touch, but devilishly, he actually came back here. I'm afraid that if I want to go to other bases now, the plot gentleman will slip away to touch them again. Unless you quit the plot now, right now! Zi Qing looked down at her dress, which was very ordinary. Appearance. Very ordinary. Revealed power level, normal. I gritted my teeth and threw caution to the wind. Don't you just go to the power alliance level to register? Aren't they just two scum men and scum women? What about the players? What about the strength? Can you say that if you avoid it this time, you can guarantee that you won't meet it in the future? Moreover, the current situation is that the enemy is in the light and we are in the dark. Just right to know their ends and means or something. Even if it can't be the original owner, um. And myself,heavy duty cantilever racks, revenge and so on, at least I know in my heart, and there will be measures to deal with it in the future.