Quickly wear the incense to become a God raiders (1)

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In the middle of the hole,pallet rack shelving, there is a big round tripod. The tripod is divided into three legs. It is three meters high. Five people embrace each other. Five divine dragons are carved on the wall. The head of the dragon reaches into the tripod, as if drinking water. In

When most people were discussing the marriage of Chu Miaoli and Xuanyuan Changyi, Chu Miaoli and Xuanyuan Changyi, the two parties, were like thieves, hiding in a corner of the Chu family, whispering that only the two of them could hear. The reason why they made such a move was that the old man Chu insisted on following the ancient rites and would not let them meet again before they got married. But how could Xuanyuan Changyi really stay in the courtyard specially set aside for him by the Chu family as they wished, waiting for Chu Miaoli to marry him?! Now, just and Chu Miaoli made love to him, but for a moment do not want to be separated from his kiss baby lady! Even if some time ago will endure the pain to leave, but also for them to be better together! "Lady, I've been looking forward to the stars and the moon for so many years, and I'm finally looking forward to this day!" Since the signing of the eternal contract with Chu Miaoli, Xuanyuan Changyi spontaneously changed his words to Chu Miaoli. However, because the two have not yet officially held a wedding, Xuanyuan Changyi did not dare to call in front of the old Chu. In order to avoid this marriage, which is not easy to get, and because of his own temporary forgetfulness, there will be sudden changes. This is probably the so-called God loves infatuated people most, right? Chu Miaoli was talking nonsense with a straight face, but with a very pure and sincere smile in her eyes. She is really happy. I'm happy for myself and my family. Right, right, right, it must be God who has eyes to betroth such a good wife to me! Xuanyuan Changyi is very fond of the way of heaven in this world. Whether it was because of his strength, the other side acquiesced in his action of putting Chu Miaoli into Yan's abdomen and turning back to the human body, or not long ago, it came out on its own initiative to help Chu Miaoli rebuild his body together, which made him full of affection for it. It is a pity that there is a destiny in the end. Even he can't go against the fate of the other side going to die under his own eyes. Garrulous! Chu Miaoli was amused by Xuanyuan Changyi,Automated warehouse systems, stretched out his finger to scrape Xuanyuan Changyi's face, and was hugged into his arms by Xuan yuan Changyi, and kissed his cheek forcefully. These days, if you have nothing to do, you will be hugged by Xuanyuan Changyi. Chu Miaoli, who has the heart of a thief and has no courage to kiss him once or twice, calmly grabbed Xuanyuan Changyi's sleeve and wiped it on his face. Xuanyuan Changyi looked at Chu Miaoli with a full face of grievance, and just wanted to hold her and stamp a few more chapters, he was suddenly frightened by the old man Chu who appeared behind Chu Miaoli with a livid face like a black-faced God and stared at him. Old The old man. Xuanyuan Changyi, who had always been fearless, spoke with a rare shiver. Grandpa Chu Miaoli also somewhat guilty to touch the nose, dejectedly broke away from Xuanyuan Changyi's grip, like a child who made a mistake, obediently lowered his head. As soon as her granddaughter fell to the ground, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,push back racking system, the old man Chu, who had never put on a face in front of her, twisted his face for a while. With a voice squeezed out from between his teeth, he smiled and said, "Your grandfather has something to do with you. Let's go there now." Chu Miaoli answered in a low voice, and in the eyes of Xuanyuan Changyi, who was full of reluctance, he followed the old man Chu and left step by step. On the way, the old man Chu, who had not spoken, suddenly opened his mouth. Good girl, even if Xuanyuan Childe is going to'marry 'to our home soon. The old man Chu bit the word'marry 'with a ferocious face. God knew how indignant he felt when he saw the little bastard holding his precious granddaughter and gnawing his cheek, and how much he wanted to beat the little bastard all over the ground! We should also give him a little respect, even if it is the most basic! Like what you did today, I can bear not to tell them, but I still hope you can restrain yourself in the future. "Well, Grandpa, I know I'm wrong, and I promise I won't do it again!" Chu Miaoli, who knows what it means to know the times, apologized to his grandfather in a stack of voices. But apparently, old man Chu was very suspicious of her assurance. "Good girl, it is said that it is better to know your son than your father. As a grandfather, why don't you know your own granddaughter who was raised by you?" Old man Chu said with emotion: "If you really want to meet, I will not stop you, after all, in a few days you will be a reasonable and legitimate serious couple, but.." Before that, Grandpa still wants to make a request to you! "Grandpa, if you have anything to say, just say it. Where do we need to say such polite words?" Chu Miaoli, after listening to the words of the old man Chu, accepted the way almost without thinking. I hope, I hope you will be somewhat restrained before you get married. At the very least, don't, don't get a doll out before the big wedding. Grandpa is not ready for Grandpa's promotion! Chu old man hesitated to say his request to Chu Miaoli. Chu Miaoli, who was covered with black lines by his action, wanted to say, "Grandpa, you really think too much!" But in the end, he cooperated with his alarmist brain hole and assured his grandfather once again: "Grandpa, I understand what you mean. You can rest assured that I will not touch half of his finger again before the big wedding!" Old man Chu looked at his granddaughter at the corners of his mouth, and for a moment he almost suspected that his daughter-in-law had given him not a granddaughter but a grandson! "As long as you know it!" He dryly followed Chu Miaoli's tone again, and hurriedly separated from Chu Miaoli at the door of the place where Hua Yang now lived. Although Xuanyuan Changyi has prepared everything clearly,industrial racking systems, it is not easy to hold a grand wedding without any mistakes-especially when they set the time so early! Therefore, although the old man Chu now has the name of the suzerain of the Great Chu Emperor on his forehead, he has to work without touching the ground. kingmoreracking.com